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Posts Tagged ‘Stiff Arm’

The Drew Brees Stiff Arm is Legendary

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Yeah, Robert Meachem’s amazing hustle will be what’s remembered most from that crazy touchdown during the Redskins/Saints game, but if not for Drew Brees and his stiff arm of steel, the pass would never have gotten off. It’s not often you see a 6 foot tall, 210-pound quarterback shuck a 6-4, 234 pound defensive end off like he was merely an annoying gnat.

Running backs, sure, but quarterbacks? Ones not named Dante Culpepper or Ben Roethlisberger — that is, the bigger, stouter quarterbacks? Yeah, that just doesn’t happen too often.

Granted, the chaos of the play after the pass was made will be what everybody remembers, especially Saints fans, but you shouldn’t discount just how important the Drew Brees Stiff Arm was in relation to the play. If he doesn’t buy himself that extra second, the play doesn’t even happen and Meachem doesn’t get a chance to snatch the ball away from Kareem Moore’s less-than-adequate grip.

Adding Insult To Embarrassing Collapses

Chris Clemons

During Philadelphia’s emasculation of Dallas yesterday, Eagles defensive end Chris Clemons adding some stiff arm-style insult to the beatdown the Cowboys were enjoying. While doing his part to help Cowboy fans everywhere suffer through the offseason, Clemons collected one of the Cowboys’ bazillion third-quarter fumbles and took it to the Eagles’ end zone, a mere 81 yards in the other direction. During the run back, Cowboys running back, Tashard Choice, decided he wouldn’t give up on the play and tried to run Clemons down, only to be greeted with a Heisman-worthy stiff arm that repelled Choice’s tackling attempt.

Check out the animated gif of Clemons’ stiff arm after the jump >>

Larry Johnson Faces Stiff Arm Charges

Larry Johnson

Apparently, the football field isn’t the only place Larry Johnson is known for stiff-arming those who get in his way. The Chiefs running back is in a little bit of legal hot water as he faces simple assault charges for allegedly using the stiff arm on a nightclub patron. Maybe she was trying to tackle him and his natural football defense mechanism took over.

The KC Star has more:

More LJ stiff arm after the jump >>