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Posts Tagged ‘Steve Spurrier’

I Could Watch This Over and Over Again

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From the self-serving files comes this latest post, and what we have is Randall Cobb’s game-winning touchdown against the South Carolina Gamecocks. While Kentucky beating a top-10 team is probably newsworthy, as is Randall Cobb, Kentucky’s win probably doesn’t resonate on a national level like it does on a personal one for this writer.

Be that as it may, when your team finally beats a coach after losing 17-straight to them, something needs to be acknowledged, and in this case, it’s Randall Cobb and his oft-maligned quarterback, Michael Hartline. Take that, Spurrier!!! Don’t think we forget you abusing Kentucky in the Swamp all those years.

Oh, nice clock management, too.

For what it’s worth, Hartline enjoyed the moment as much as I did, if not more. A lot more, in fact.

Michael Hartline
Gif courtesy of KSR

Seeing Steve Spurrier’s Visor Mean’s Only One Thing

Steve Spurrier

College football’s back!!! Let the heavens sing and the people party. While tonight’s reintroduction to the sport designed to spark months of conversations of postseason controversy doesn’t feature a marquee game — Southern Mississippi at South Carolina — what it symbolizes is good enough. And hey, anytime you get to watch Steve Spurrier juggle quarterbacks, especially when a true freshman is in the mix, times are good.

So let’s raise our glasses to the return of fall weekends devoted to crazy signs behind Lee Corso’s head; Kirk Herbstreit’s perfectly-coiffed hair; a chance to hear Keith Jackson’s voice, even if it is in commercial format; hot college fans and cheerleaders; Layla Kiffin; the SEC on CBS; the madness that is Boise State crashing BCS parties; red sweater vests; new Nike Pro Combat uniforms; Heisman hopefuls; and for me, the return of Randall Cobb — just to name a few.

UCLA Cheerleaders

Life, as we know it, is now good again. To help celebrate, here’s what might be the best rap song about football. Ever.

Yeah, it’s concentrating on the Wildcats, but the chorus reigns supreme:

“It’s the sport of kings, better than diamond rings. Football.”

Vanderbilt Shocks South Carolina Again

Vanderbilt Wins

For the second year in a row, the oft-maligned football team at Vanderbilt University beat Steve Spurrier and the South Carolina Gamecocks, 24-17; and Gamecocks supporters everywhere are in absolute state of shock. Apparently, losing to Vanderbilt, no matter how much they’ve improved, still brings up extremely negative reactions. In short, it’s unacceptable.

Now, never mind the fact that under Bobby Johnson’s tutelage, Vanderbilt has beaten Georgia, Tennessee and Arkansas. When fans see the name “Vanderbilt,” they automatically pencil a “W” by that game, even though Vanderbilt beat South Carolina last season. For instance:

There’s no excuse for what we saw tonight. There just isn’t. Don’t even start this “Vanderbilt is a good team” crap. Don’t even start making excuses. Don’t even begin to try to explain this away.

We lost. To Vanderbilt. Deal with it.

That, however, pales in comparison to the meltdown going on at the South Carolina Rivals message board. It’s beginning to look like the Spurrier honeymoon might be reaching the end of the road. Naturally, the Ole Ball Coach doesn’t agree with Gamecock fans when it comes to assessing Vanderbilt’s play:

“Last year’s was just as stunning, and it sort of irritated me that our players tried to say we weren’t ready. We were ready to play, we just got our tails kicked. I’m sure those Vanderbilt players are wondering what kind of excuse the South Carolina guys have now. We don’t have excuses, they just beat us,” Spurrier said.

So while bloggers are taking the “don’t tell me Vandy is good” perspective, it seems their coach knows better. Just because a team has a history of mediocrity doesn’t mean they can’t field a good team every once and a while. It’s obvious some SC fans saw Vandy’s name and chalked up another victory for the Gamecocks, while conveniently ignoring the Commodores as they trounced Miami of Ohio last week.

Now they are shocked Vanderbilt could sustain their improved play over a two-week period.

Meanwhile, I’m sure many SC supporters and its coaching staff are wondering if this year’s loss to Vanderbilt will lead to another five-game losing streak for a team that should have a much better offense under Steve Spurrier by now.

Obviously, getting big time offensive players to Columbia is a lot harder than they thought, even for a proven coach like Steve Superior.

The Return of the Spurrier

Steve Spurrier

That above picture can only mean one thing — college football is back in all of its (despite the BCS) beautiful, passionate, tailgating, hot-chick having, Saturdays mean something again, ways. The action kicks off tonight as the South Carolina Gamecocks take on the NC State Wolfpack. Currently, the Cocks are 14-point favorites, which brings up a good question:

Isn’t it time the Spurrier magic did something better than 21-16? Granted, his first two teams were 7-5 and 8-5 respectively, but that’s not quite competing for an SEC crown, something Spurrier promised when he took over. In fact, since Steve Superior got to Columbia, his football teams have only managed to 11-13 during SEC play. In that same time period, Kentucky Rich Brooks is 9-15 against the SEC.

When you produce only two more conference wins than the a team who is traditionally in the bottom half of the SEC, you aren’t meeting your goals of SEC dominance.

So is this finally the year the Steve Spurrier/South Carolina Gamecocks show takes off? Or will Spurrier have to settle for another non-New Year’s Day bowl even though his sights were set much, much higher?

For the record, considering just how hard the SEC is and just how much talent you need to be at the top of the conference, Spurrier’s first two Gamecock years have to be considered successful. But last year, the program took a step back, losing five-in-a-row. Fortunately, a new year in college football means renewed hope and aspirations for everybody, including Spurrier’s old team, the Duke Blue Devils.

No one has done a better job of capturing that than Orson over at EDSBS and this awesome video:

Kick off for SC/NC State is at 8/7 Central.

If the SEC versus the ACC individual challenge isn’t your cup of college football tea, ESPNU has Vanderbilt versus Miami of Ohio as well. On ESPN360, there are a number of games to pick from, provided your area carries the service.

Is Steve Spurrier Into Horse Racing?

Will we see the Ole Ball Coach, Steve Spurrier, compete in the upcoming Kentucky Derby? Well, maybe not him exactly, but perhaps someone or some animal using his likeness might. Wizard of Odds has more:

But (John) Fort saw something and immediately named the colt Spurrier. “I thought it was a good name for a colt from South Carolina. Everybody is proud to have him as our coach, and I am a tremendous fan of his.”

Fort said Spurrier was “extremely laid-back, kind of sleepy when we put him into training.” But trainer Todd Pletcher, who won the 2007 Belmont with Rags to Riches, has been working his magic.

As of now, Spurrier the Horse isn’t part of the field for horse racing’s crown jewel. However, with some upcoming races on his schedule, he still has an opportunity.