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Posts Tagged ‘Starbury’

The Only Fan Who Got Paid

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Stephon Marbury

Talk about ballsy — well, that and supreme arrogance. With Stephon Marbury attending the Lakers/Knicks game in Los Angeles last night — as a spectator, a few things come to mind: First, this has to be one of the only times an NBA “fan” was paid a portion of $21 million to sit and watch his team, a team that wants absolutely nothing to do with him. They don’t want to trade him, they don’t want to release him. Oh, they tried the buyout, but there’s no way on heaven or earth Starbury is giving any of his contract back to the Knicks.

Nor should he.

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Found: Someone Wearing Starburys


Much has been made of Stephon Marbury’s inexpensive shoes. From the time the price was first revealed to their familiar design; the brand’s struggles and his deal with Amazon, the Starbury brand is pretty infamous around the blogosphere.

However, no one has ever been captured or photographed in the wild with a pair on their feet. Until now. In the image leading this post, we have an daring individual from Kansas City sporting Stephon’s hot fashion. Because the above image is kind of blurry, here’s a screenshot of the Starbury model our young Kansas City-ite is rocking:


Personally, I think the brave soul should be commended. You never know when you’ll be out amongst your crew — a group that’s probably unaware of the Starbury brand so you can inflate the value and be even cooler — rocking your Patrick Ewing adidas lookalike Starburys and an enterprising blogger with a camera phone and good timing crosses your path.

The next thing you know, you’re feet* are on the Internet.

*The faces and defining characteristics have been removed to protect the innocent.

Did Starbury Copy Its Design?

Starbury Tat

In the wake of all the madness surrounding Stephon Marbury’s deal with Amazon and the incredibly interesting decision to tattoo his head, something occurred to me. Did the Starbury designers copy designs from other, more popular shoes?

It kinda looks like it:

Air Force

Add in the star from the Converse shoes that went with the University of Kentucky’s 1996 denim uniforms, seen here:

Converse Star

And you have the makings of some similar looking athletic gear — but maybe that’s just me responding to the summer doldrums kicking in.