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Posts Tagged ‘St Louis Rams’

Danario Alexander Fails Sam Bradford, St Louis

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Danario Alexander Fails


Quarterbacks throw.  Receivers catch.  This basic principle is the key to a good performance on the football field.  Unfortunately for the St Louis Rams, when the time came to make a play against the Seattle Seahawks in a game where the winner goes to the playoffs, Danario Alexander did not perform his most basic of tasks:  catching the football.  Did Alexander’s drop cost the Rams the game, and a chance to make the NFL Playoffs?  Well, it sure as hell didn’t help their cause, especially when you consider the 16-6 final score.

To his credit, Alexander was just as distraught as Rams fans were.
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Sam Bradford Looked Pretty Damn Sharp

Sam Bradford

In his first start as an NFL quarterback for the St Louis Rams, whatever tests he had to take, Sam Bradford passed them, and he did so with flying colors, to the tune of completing 15 of 22 passes for 189 yards and two touchdowns. His play garnered a QB rating of 125.0. With that in mind, perhaps all of the pundits should have the same excited perspective — if only for one game — concering Bradford’s performance, if, for nothing else, the lack of big-time talent around him at the skill positions (Steven Jackson notwithstanding).

That being said, the preseason grain of salt is still in effect hear, no matter how glowing a report Bradford sees. Nevertheless, with the Rams having issues at almost every position on offense, especially the offensive line — they surrendered 44 sacks last season — Bradford’s play against the New England Patriots, who were using their first-team defense, was eye-opening.

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Enjoying Bad Football

Bad Football

As the NFL’s playoff standings continue to solidify, there are already a number of teams on the outside, looking in. Unfortunately for their pride, the season doesn’t end just because their team isn’t any good. Because of that, teams like the Lions, Raiders, Chiefs, Rams and Seahawks still have to take the field for four more games.

Since these and other below-playoff-standard teams are forced to play their remaining schedules, is there anything that can be done to improve the entertainment value when bad NFL teams play? Robbie Gillies of Real Clear Sports has some ideas.

Take his advice for the Rams as an example:

The Rams offense has been horrible and it’s time for them to mix things up. The wildcat has been all the rage this season so why not put your seven-time Pro Bowler back there and see what he can do. I’m talking about Orlando Pace. Who’s going to want to pull down that 325-pounder (that was generous of the media guide) when he pancakes 300-plus pound guys all the time.

I, for one, approve of an Orlando Pace-powered Wildcat attack. It can’t be any worse, can it? For this and other ideas, check out Robbie’s post over at RCS.

Worst Team In The NFL – Week 4

Sheldon Brown

By now, it’s pretty obvious who currently has the worst team in the NFL even though there are four teams who haven’t won a game yet. While Cincinnati, Detroit and Houston aren’t very good — Houston is easily the best out of this bunch — they aren’t as bad as the St Louis Rams.

Detroit and Houston have serviceable offenses, much like the Bengals used to have. Now the Bengals are relying on an almost-respectable defense to keep their games close. The Rams have neither. They are the absolute worst in the NFL in both offense and defense, and in most cases, it’s by a wide margin.

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As Expected, St Louis Rams Fire Linehan

Haslett for Linehan

Welcome back to the NFL head coaching ranks, Jim Haslett. Be sure to put yourself in a position where Steve Spurrier won’t be able to make fun of you anymore.

Haslett replaces Scott Linehan as the St Louis Rams head coach after Linehan was relieved of duty earlier this morning. Linehan’s firing comes after the Rams gave their third consecutive horrendous showing since opening the season with the Philadelphia beatdown. Not only are the Rams 0-4, they’ve looked like one of the worst NFL teams ever in the process.

So long, Scott after the jump >>

Worst Team in the NFL – Week 3

Larry Johnson

As we get a little further into the season, the worst teams in the NFL are clearly starting to solidify their standings. While there are a number of teams that could make their claim here, the three teams that stood out this week are the Kansas City Chiefs, the St Louis Rams and everybody’s favorite losing team, the Detroit Lions. But this week, I’m starting with the obvious choice, the Chiefs of Kansas City.

Kansas City Chiefs
Are we looking at a 0-16 team here? They certainly have the makings of one. While their fan blogs are getting mentioned on the NFL Network, the rebuilding exercise continues to perform like they’d rather be doing something else. Even when their oft-maligned running back has a good game, the team still gets beat by more than three touchdowns. By the Atlanta Falcons, another team that was supposed to be rebuilding as well.

More NFL ineptitude after the jump, including the Super Bowl of Suck >>

Worst Team in the NFL – Week 2

Because there’s no way this could be a one-time thing, here’s the second part of discussing who is the worst team in the NFL. Last week, the Rams won the award with their atrocious play against the Eagles. Did they redeem themselves in Week Two? Let’s take a look at this week’s nominees, shall we?

Cincinnati Bengals


In two games, the Bengals, a team noted for the offensive firepower, have racked up these less-than-stunning statistics from both sides of the ball:

* 17 points
* 52 rushes for 158 yards, a paltry 3.04 a carry
* 228 pass yards, zero touchdowns, 3 interceptions from Carson Palmer
* One sack
* Allowed 406 yards rushing on 87 carries, or 4.6 yards a carry

First off, allow me to say, “211 yards passing?!?!?!?! In TWO games?!?!?!?!? From Carson Palmer?!?!?!?!” If you asked me whether or not that would be the case three weeks ago, I would’ve told you you were on something. Now, it looks like Bengals fans would like to be on something — preferably something related to winning football. Don’t hold your breath, unless, that is, asphyxiophilia is your crutch for dealing with pathetic football franchises.

Hey, at least USC team waxed the Buckeyes. That gives Carson Palmer something to feel good about, right? Yeah, because of the booing his play caused, not so much. The road gets no easier for the Bengals as they play the defending Super Bowl champs next. One would think the under/over on how many times Palmer will be sacked has to be beyond six.

More terrible teams after the jump >>

Worst Team In The NFL?

Worst NFL Team

Yes, the NFL season is only a week old, but there are some trends that are worth noticing. For instance, while half the league is 0-1, there were a few teams that stood out because of their ineptitude. The three that immediately come to mind are the Cincinnati Bengals, the Oakland Raiders and the St Louis Rams.

All three were horrendous in their debut games, so much so, they eclipsed teams like Kansas City, who looked good on defense even before Brady went down; the Miami Dolphins, who, despite not winning, looked much improved over last season and the Detroit Lions, who got creamed by the Falcons but were still capable of scoring the football, something the other three could not do.

In fact, the three teams in the above image were so bad on opening week, they honestly looked like they were fighting each other for the “worst team in the NFL” award. But who gets it out of the three?

Let’s take a closer look:

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