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Posts Tagged ‘Sports Videos’

The Dallas Cowboys Season, Condensed

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I stumbled across this video a little while ago on Yardbarker and does a humorous job of wrapping up what started out as a very successful season for “America’s Team.” Unfortunately for Dallas fans, the Cowpokes didn’t end their season with the same zeal they started with. In a nice display of potential irony, the Cowboys last game was, of course, a loss to the New York Giants—the same Giants they hung 45 points on to open the season.

I think it’s fair to say the Giants made up for losing their season opener. Anyway, here’s a video recapping Dallas’ season… in eight seconds (just enough time for a couple of Jessica Simpson references).

Hat-tip to DaWong1 for the find.

You Got Knocked The **** Out!!!

This video has been going around at a couple of sites, but it’s so good, we had to feature it here as well. What we have is Edison Miranda knocking out David Banks in the 3rd round of their fight, which took place on ESPN last Friday. Both boxers are super middleweights and so, there punches probably hurt a little more than the Floyd Mayweathers of the world…

Anyway, Miranda knocks the stuffing out of Banks, who winds up falling through the ropes. After he is counted out (did it really take a 10-count to see he was through?), Banks almost trips over his corner stool and has to be helped when he sits down. I’m guessing he felt Miranda’s punch… but did he read Banks his rights first (you know, the Miranda rights rule… oh, never mind).

Hat-tip to on 205th, WithLeather and JoeSportsFan.