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Posts Tagged ‘Sports Blogs’

The World Series In 10 Words Or Less

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World Series

The Fall Classic is set to get underway again tonight as the Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants battle to own Major League Baseball’s World Champions title. While some might be trying to clown the World Series for not featuring the big market teams, do you think the Giants and Rangers fans give a damn about all that? They just want to watch their respective team win the thing. Embrace the new blood. Embrace Tim Lincecum. Embrace Cliff Lee. Embrace Josh Hamilton. Embrace Cody Ross. Embrace the fact that this series will more than likely be a night-in, night-out pitching duel, starting with Lee and Lincecum.

Now, while IF isn’t necessarily known as a baseball blog, that doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyed around here; but because my views aren’t comprehensive, I turned to some sports blog friends so they could offer their thoughts about the upcoming Giants/Texans series, all in 10 words or less. Enjoy:

Hugging Harold Reynolds, king of the Blogs With Balls expo, offers this succinct thought that goes a long way to describe some of the apathy from the “big baseball markets” below:

Who’s playing again? Doesn’t matter, I have Cablevision.

Sad, but true. Follow Harold here.

Next up, the gents at Detroit4Lyfe, with another fitting quote:

Beard, machine, thongs & cocaine? Sounds like an awesome party.

Yes. Yes it does. Follow D4L here.

Keeping with the drug references is Eric Gargiulo of the Camel Clutch Blog, who offers this gem:

I am looking forward to seeing Tim Lincecum use the trophy as a huge bong in the offseason.

It’s funny `cause it’s true. Follow Eric here.

Now for the lady of the group, Sooze of Babes Love Baseball. Sooze is a hugely massive fan of Joe Mauer, but her love for Joe might be on hold for now:

Joe who? Gerald Buster Dempsey Posey III is my new boyfriend.

Buster Posey

Do these Fall Classic romances last, though? Follow Sooze here.

Next we have Nicholas of PSAMP, who is no doubt lamenting the plight of his Pittsburgh Pirates as we speak.

Freddy Sanchez: World Series champs MVP. Go former Pirates!

See what I mean? Follow Nick here.

The prolific Ethan Jaynes didn’t disappoint, either.

Rangers are in the World Series? You have got to be on crack! … wait

I really hope Josh Hamilton and Ron Washington have tough outer-shells. Follow Ethan here.

Now it’s time for David Chalk of 7th Inning Stache and Bugs and Cranks to offer his take. Weep for Hinske:

Eric `Shitske` Hinske must feel so empty now. Go Giants.

In Hinske’s defense, not much else he could do, really. Follow David here.

Finally, we have Anthony Panici of the world-renowned Paneech blog. I’m a fan, so if it’s not world-renowned, it damn well should be. I think you’ll notice a theme here:

I would like to see the Texas Rehabbers, I mean Rangers win only because I like Nolan Ryan.

So what we have here is a case of rehabbers versus pot smokers. Who’s your money on? As for me, my 10 words go something like this:

Thank goodness it’s basketball season. Try scheduling earlier, Bud.

Like I said, IF isn’t known as being the biggest baseball blog, and with good reason. Actually, I’m probably rooting for the Giants because I was born near San Francisco, and I do like Lincecum, regardless of how much he smokes (or doesn’t). That being said, I’m expecting the Rangers to win and your MVP will be Cliff Lee.

I just hope he doesn’t wind up in New York after the Texans’ season is over, because that would only further my lack of baseball knowledge.

T.O. Does Yardbarker

Terrell Owens

And the Yard is absolutely exploding with some of the most masterful comments in sports-related forum, perhaps ever. In what amounts to a coup, the YBN introduced Terrell Owen today as part of their “Verified Athlete” blogging crew, and boy, the response is something to be seen–and read. T.O.’s first post asks a very simple, but effective question: What would the reaction be if it he who said those things about Cris Carter instead of the other way around? What would the outcry be?

First, a reminder of Cris Carter’s eloquence:

After the jump>>

Weighing In On Blogs

Because of a long Doctor’s appointment yesterday, I didn’t really get to weigh in on the HBO/Bob Costas/Buzz Bissinger/Will Leitch hoopla that went on over at HBO on Tuesday night. However, when I got to work, my Google Reader was more than happy to catch me up on what I missed.

And boy, there was a lot.


As for my feelings, well, I’ve been in this industry (the Internet, not sports blogging) for a little while now and the only thing I can say is people like Buzz Bissinger and Bob Costas must feel incredibly threatened by the presence of sports blogs and blogs in general. You can tell this by the way they try to lump them all together like sports blogs are a hive community similar to the Borg.

Or perhaps, something like this (NSF Eyes).

The difference being, we peddle smut and softcore sports stories while the ESPN’s of the world cover real news (Hey Tafoya, get over yourself. Like now.). Whatever the case, this fear is palpable. I mean, what else can explain Bissinger’s juvenile behavior? It was reminiscent of a kid who didn’t get his special toy for Christmas.

While I’m not going to get into a big response here, I’d like to point out one of the better ones I’ve read, written by the awesome Sarah Schorno. As per usual, Sarah hits the nail DIRECTLY on the head in regards to this little back and forth that’s been going on between the two mediums. Like so:

What they, and most blog critics, fail to understand is that both mainstream media and blogs can co-exist peacefully. Bloggers aren’t set out to replace print journalists. They exist to add commentary and color to the news that is reported in print and online every day. Readers don’t use blogs to replace the news they get from the mainstream. They use it to add substance.

Nail, meet hammer. Get used to us guys. Because, to quote one Sean Combs, “We ain’t. Going nowhere. We can’t be stopped. We’re bloggers for life.” We are legion. OK, I’m starting to come off like the Anonymous guys who target Scientology.

But the point remains.

An Open Letter to Stephen A. Smith

Dear Mr. A. Smith,

Stephen A.Would you please help yourself to a nice cup of STFU?

In the midst of losing your WHORE-RI-BBLE television show, your weekly column for the Philadelphia Inquirer, and providing the type of analysis that makes people yearn for the return of David Aldridge, you have the audacity to target and challenge sports bloggers; indicating we are a “wreckless” [sic] ilk that doesn’t answer to anybody and that our information is “dangerous.”

Your problem revolves around the fact that a great deal of sports bloggers don’t have any credentials to speak of (a debatable point) and therefore, we shouldn’t be allowed to wax poetic about sports or the figures that inhabit them, presumably including the Mouth that Roared. What’s the matter, Stephen? Are you scared of some lowly bloggers?

What kind of threat do we pose, exactly? Could it be that there are some talented writers out there that see the game as well or better than you do and aren’t afraid to speak their minds (without the constrains of a multinational news corporation, admittedly)? Are you jealous of the freedom we have? If so, start your own damn blog and quit trying to break the backs of those that keep you in the media’s eye.

Speaking of credentials, what, exactly, gave you the qualifications to host your own TV talk show? You certainly aren’t any good on television, regardless of what ESPN’s upper management says. Why should you be allowed to try–and fail–at the talk show circuit? How much training in the field of broadcasting do you have… and please don’t say you analyze basketball on TV. WTH does that have to do with hosting a talk show?

Stephen A., you speak of bloggers being harmful to the common viewers. How? Quantify this statement with some examples and not just your unending amount of hot air. How, exactly, does a blogger hurt a reader who CHOOSES to patronize a particular blog? Are we now kidnapping our readers, forcing them to read the half-truths and outright lies posted by every sports blog ever created?

No, it seems that your problem is with the fact that most of the sports blogosphere just doesn’t like you and we aren’t afraid to drag up embarrassing moments to further our agenda of making you look even more foolish than when you yell at the TV for no apparent reason (seriously, does anything the Knicks do surprise you to the point of having to yell at viewers and co-hosts alike).

Stephen A., a word of advice: Before you turn that shotgun at the sports bloggers of the world, you may want to ask yourself why things like your Inquirer column and your ill-fated television show got taken away from you. Perhaps you’ll find your problem is not with us. It’s with yourself.

Take care and best wishes,

Chris Richardson

PS: If you do decide to answer, try to do so without using your Blackberry.