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Posts Tagged ‘Sports Bloggers’

Dear ESPN…

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It’s, not

Thanks for incorrect shout-out, though. It’s good to know they are at least aware of what we do here, considering how every blog not named Deadspin and The Big Lead are fighting for the leftover scraps — unnecessarily, I might add.

Just, please, get the name right next time.

H/t to Abhilash Patel for the screen cap.

Olympics: Blogging Yes, YouTube No

Guess what? You can blog—well, accredited people and athletes can—at the upcoming Olympic Games, but you can’t post any media from said events. So yeah, blog posts about incredible displays of athleticism are all good, just don’t post a picture of the medal ceremony…

ReadWriteWeb has the details about the IOC’s brilliant decision, which is just about as smart as NBC’s stranglehold on footage from their Olympic broadcasts.

I didn’t get to appreciate Vince Carter’s incredible dunk until I got a hold of the Internet.

Vince’s sick dunk after the jump ››