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Posts Tagged ‘Soulja Boy’

This Really Needs to Stop Now

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Nothing can be as professionally fulfilling for a musician as being compared to the Macarena. Just ask Soulja Boy and his brilliant, brilliant fad that’s STILL sweeping the sports world… or perhaps, like this next video suggests, may finally be on its last legs. What we have, courtesy of FanHouse, is Wisconsin Badgers coach Bo Ryan Supermanning that hoe for all of us to see.

The production value of this video is quite surprising and it indicates this whole act was indeed planned. I’m wondering if they use it for recruiting visits: “see, Coach Ryan is DOPE!!!!” Anyway, please just make it stop:

Again I wonder if anyone besides the youngsters even understands the meaning behind this incredible tune…

In Case You Forgot: BCS Championship’s Tonight

At 8pm Eastern tonight, the LSU Tigers and THE Ohio State Buckeyes do battle tonight to decide the BCS Championship, whether you agree with the BCS or not. Some are speculating the AP may not agree with awarding tonight’s winner their mythical National Championship designation and could select another team, but much like when the same happened with LSU and USC, it won’t matter.

Whoever wins tonight’s game will be recognized as the BCS Champs and will be entered the record books as such… regardless of what the AP decides. (Sorry, USC fans. You were NOT repeat champions, no matter how much you tell everyone you were. The AP designation DOES NOT MATTER ever since the NCAA sold their soul to the BCS.)

Anyway, instead of concentrating on each team’s multitude of hotties, I thought I’d take a different approach in celebrating tonight’s game. Enjoy:

Carl Monday

Versus (if you don’t know what’s going on in the above pic, read about it here)

Wanna-be LSU ladies doing the… wait for it… SOULJA BOY!!!!!!!!11!!1! Because nothing says, “I’ma fan” like trying to act hard and doing one of the most overblown, misunderstood-by-the-masses fads ever. I’m absolutely amazed this song is Grammy nominated… Anyway, enjoy the game.