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Posts Tagged ‘Sore Losers’

Big Baby’s Shot Spawns Sore Losers

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Big Baby Davis

Besides giving the Celtics some much-needed life — a 3-1 deficit would be daunting for many teams — Glen “Big Baby” Davis also ruffled some feathers thanks to his post-shot celebration. While he was running back to the Celtics’ bench, Davis celebrated by screaming loudly about his accomplishments. Unfortunately, he also came into contact with younger Orlando Magic fan, and while he didn’t shove him out of the way in some egregious manner, the contact did cause the younger fan to stumble.

Unfortunately, it also created a sore spot for the child’s parent, and said parent wants revenge. Or an apology. In a tersely worded email, Orlando Magic fan Ernest Provetti voiced his displeasure with Big Baby’s post-shot antics, something Provetti missed entirely, judging by the video and the animated gif.

Provetti is circled in the lead image. Please notice his back is turned to the action.

Check out the non-dial-up friendly image after the jump >>

Giants Fans Don’t Like to Lose

I thought folks from Bright-Lights-Big-City areas were inherently smarter than the SEC Football crowd. At least, that’s what were told by the thousands upon thousands of Manhattan-ites populating the sports blogosphere. I mean, SEC country is nothing but a bunch of flyover states with hicks for fans, right? Well, it looks like fan stupidity isn’t something the south has a corner on, thanks the brilliance on display from this group of New York Giants fans after they got smacked in the face by the Philadelphia Eagles.

I think the videos speak for themselves:

There’s also longer video of this group’s unadulterated brilliance: After the jump >>