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Posts Tagged ‘Soccer’

Intentional Eye Candy: Laisa Andrioli Makes Soccer Beautiful

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Laisa Andrioli

By now, you’ve probably seen the pictures of Laisa Andrioli, a 20-year old soccer player for Brazil’s National Women’s team, going around the net. If not, you are in for a treat, especially when you consider her apparent allergies to articles of clothing. That’s right, Laisa made headlines and heads turn as she appeared in a men’s magazine wearing, well, not much at all… except maybe her Sunday suit.

You can see the pictures of Laisa here, but be warned, they are quite NSFW.

Really, I can’t think of anything else to add except for the fact that I could only find a couple of images to share with you because of her fondness of nudity. Although, the thought occurred to me that we could maybe get away with some pixelization if necessary. Alas, wiser heads prevailed so I’ll just leave you with these two images but I would suggest you checking out the rest of her pictorial.

It’s well worth the visit, as long as you won’t get into trouble. Congratulations on your IEC award, Laisa. Let’s hope there are more contributions from you or your teammates.

Laisa Andrioli

Weekly Pwnage: Own Goals Can Really Suck

Saw this on Digg and I thought I should share.

As a soccer player who has himself kicked an own goal, let me just say they suck. There’s aren’t very many feelings worse than knowing you just hurt your team. But see, if the goalie would’ve stopped the damn ball, my back-pass never would’ve gone in… Oh wait…

Back to the video: I love the way the defenders are laying on the ground after the attempted clearance wound up in the back of the net.

Although, I can understand.

Watching an own goal happen to your own team is like taking a kick to male lower region. Now imagine if you are the offending party… Sorry, still got some unresolved issues left to work through.

Long Distance Goals Rule

There’s nothing quite like seeing a free-kick struck with accuracy and authority; one that fools the goalie so bad they’re left twisting in the wind like a wet noodle. Thanks to 101 Great Goals, we have video of Kevin Schindler and his brilliant strike against the Spiel Kickers Emden in an under-23 match.

Like I said, brilliant stuff.

Goalie Catches Beer Bottle – With His Face

Recently, I wrote a post over at Epic Carnival discussing overzealous sports fans. I think the moron responsible for the bottle being thrown qualifies. The goalie, Armando Ribeiro, was taken to the hospital but has no apparent permanent injuries.

Thankfully, the wunderkind who threw the bottle was detained by stadium security. Perhaps they should let Ribeiro practice booting the ball… directly at Mr. Soccer Fan’s face.

H/T to on205th.

Japan, China Fight; Soccer Match Breaks Out

Yes, we’ve all heard the adage, “I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out.” However, have you have heard it in the form of “I went to a soccer game and a Karate sparing match broke out?” Well, thanks to the China/Japan match-up, you have now. The match took place on February 20 and was marred by numerous incidents of rough tactics and severe tackles in the form of outright kicks.

And guess what, thanks to FanHouse, via Who Ate All the Pies, we have some video to share:

Of course, most, if not all of the bad blood between the teams comes from historical reasons. Japan wound up winning the game, 1-0, but they had to take quite the beating in the process.

Bonus: the goalie was NOT red-carded for his Bruce Lee imitation at the 1:27 mark. Again, WAS NOT ejected.

Wushu Football

In honor of this weekend’s big football game, I thought I’d pop this incredible video found by The Beautiful Game (via The Offsides Rule) in for you enjoyment. If we see anything like this on Sunday, I’ll be impressed.

Oh wait, this isn’t the same type of football… At TBG, they indicated they loved the CGI used in the vid and that brings up a question: real or fake? It’s kind of a hard answer because the action looks like a mix of both real tricks and special effects. Anyway, whatever it is, it’s awesome.

Soccer Mascot Pwns Streaker

A word to enterprising streakers everywhere: Avoid the Burnley’s mascot, Bertie Bee because if he has you in sights, you are going down. Just ask this fellow in the following video found by the lads at The Offside. Warning, with the understanding that you are getting ready to watch a male streaker get tackled, you are also going to see him run; meaning you’ll be able to see everything.

Because of this, the following is NSFW. Or homophobes.

Nice tackle, BB. Looks like the Bengals secondary could’ve used your help. All I can say is I’m sorry this week’s pwnage award is already spoken for.

Intentional Eye Candy: Eva González

I guess you could say Intentional Foul is in a soccer mood, thanks to the missed goals video and the report about Trésor Mputu being awarded the World’s top goal scorer honor.  Because of that, I thought this week’s Eye Candy could focus on a football WAG and so I committed myself to the incredibly taxing research involved in selecting this week’s winner and stumbled upon (not literally) Eva González.

All I can say now is, “whoa.”

According to her Wikipedia, Eva is dating Iker Casillas, goal keeper for Real Madrid and the Spanish national team, making her the perfect candidate for this little award.  Besides being a WAG, Eva also represented Spain during the 2003 Miss Universe pageant, a distinction that needs zero explanation.  So, without further delay, allow me to present Ms. González in all of her glory.  Congrats Eva, you are this week’s IEC winner and the first winner of the new year.

Wear it with pride.

Eva Gonzalez

Eva Gonzalez