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Six players versus five. I’m sure many basketball fans have often wondered how a team would do on offense if they were allowed an extra player. In the case of Portland’s win over Boston, the result is an easy dunk for the team that “broke the huddle with too many men on the field.” Fortunately for the Blazers, the penalty didn’t cost them too much: a one-shot technical foul for the Celtics. Meanwhile, the Blazers were allowed to keep the two points; meaning they traded two points for one.

That’s not a bad strategy for a young team to use when they are trying to beat the defending world champions, something the Blazers did. By five points. Other teams that should consider the six-versus-five advantage: The Oklahoma City Thunder, Washington (even if Agent Zero every comes back), Minnesota, Sacramento, Charlotte and Memphis.

Hell, give these teams an extra draft pick so they can specifically address their sixth man needs.