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Posts Tagged ‘Silly’

Officially Ocho Cinco

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Chad Ocho Cinco

Chad Johnson is no more. Long live Chad Ocho Cinco. The name change you all heard about, while being legally official when it was announced, is now officially official as the Cincinnati Bengals made the change on the roster and the depth chart.

They also have a release discussing Chad Eight Five’s new name:

“Effective today, the Bengals begin the process of listing the former Chad Johnson as Chad Ocho Cinco for all club business, per the legal change of his surname effected in Florida. The list of appropriate changes will include the player wearing the name Ocho Cinco on the back of his jersey for Sunday’s season opener at Baltimore.”

This also means those folks who bought Chad Johnson jerseys are now out of style and incorrect. Unfortunately, they haven’t updated the pro shop but the release indicated the new Ocho Cinco jerseys will be available this week.

I guess you could always send these now-defunct Chad Johnson jerseys to the same communities the NFL sends their incorrect Super Bowl t-shirts.

Where Do Foam Fingers Come From?

You know those “We’re No 1″ fingers you see at every sporting event in the world? Where do these things come from? From foam monsters, of course.

Foam Monster
Click for bigger image

Apparently, they cut them off at the game and make the monster suffer through the indignity.

Originally found here (via here).

Lay-up Contests Will Supercede the Dunk

Just in time for the March Madness festivities: What we have here is a Slam Lay-up contest featuring some of the finest athletes in the Slavic region, complete with judges, nifty video graphics and interjected edits of Charles, Kenny and Kevin to provide the commentary.

The winning lay-up, provided by Allen, was so good, Kenny Smith had no choice but to repeat his “it’s over” cry made famous when Vince Carter entered the dunk contest. Too bad the contestants couldn’t find some replica All-Star uniforms to use because the clothes they have on now are pretty busted…

I guess the current NBA fashions haven’t made it to Eurasia yet.