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While all credit has been going to the ageless wonder; the 40-year old kid who plays the game like a gunslinger, where would Brett Favre be without the studly play of Sidney Rice to make him look good? Yeah, since Favre has been the recipient of hyperbole overload, I figured it was only right Sidney Rice got some of that love, too. Thankfully, Peter King restrained his Favre-ian love in order to do the same, which, to be honest, was quite surprising. You had to figure King would unleash a love poem/ode to Favre that would rival Romeo and Juliet in its depth and heartfelt worship.

Alas, King restrained himself — for the most part, anyway.

Without Rice’s three touchdown receptions, who knows how the outcome might have changed? Granted, the Vikings defense, especially their line, did a great job disrupting the Dallas Cowboys attack and making Tony Romo look lost. And yes, the Vikings defense did hold the Cowboys to only three points, however, without Rice’s torching of the Cowboys secondary, who knows how well Favre would’ve played?

Maybe one or two of those passes turns into interceptions and puts the Cowboys right back in the game. Who knows? One thing’s for sure, however, thanks to Sidney Rice’s Jerry Rice-like performance (six catches, 141 yards, three touchdowns), no one who supports the Vikings had to find out. Next up for the Vikings? The New Orleans Saints, in a game where a final score of 48-45 is certainly a possibility.