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Posts Tagged ‘SI Jinx’

SI Tries To Do What the NCAA and the SEC Couldn’t

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Cam Newton

In a move that’s sure to make Mike Bianchi happy, Sports Illustrated is trying to do what the NCAA wouldn’t and what the SEC couldn’t do: Stop Cam Newton.

Instead of relying on collegiate-level defenses and the sheer hypocrisy of the NCAA — Enes Kanter says “hi” to the Cam Newton ruling — SI turned to their tried-and-true method, the SI cover jinx.

Newton graces their latest cover, and it’s pretty clear, at least to me, SI is doing it because they have money on Oregon winning and putting Newton on the cover is the only way they can conceive of stopping him. I mean, you can almost see Phil Knight’s fingerprints all over this, and I’m sure the discussion went something like:

“Hey, you guys want some free Air Jordans? Put Cammy-Cam on the cover. I warn you, however: if my Ducks don’t win, I’m buying the company.”

Bad News, Celtics Fans

Rajon Rondo

Apparently, the folks at Sports Illustrated are tired of the Boston Celtics’ surprising playoff run, and have decided to take matters into their own hands: Put the Celtics best playoff player on the cover. Welcome to the SI Jinx, Rajon Rondo. Judging by last night’s less-than-stellar performance (9 points [3-10 from the field], 8 assists), SI’s considerable influence may have already kicked in.

Game 5 and 6 (if necessary) will tell the entire whole story, but after last night, Celtics fans have to be a little concerned.

H/t to KSR for the find.

Bad News For Kentucky Fans

Apparently, Sports Illustrated has had enough of this John Wall nonsense and has decided to do something about it: Jinx Wall and his team by putting him on the cover of this week’s issue. While the cover image looks great, we all know how this will probably turn out: With Wall slowed by some nagging injury that reduces his effectiveness by just the right amount. Anyway, here’s SI’s contribution to the John Wall craze:

John Wall SI Cover

Surely you’ve learned not to question the validity of the SI jinx by now. Its record is hard to dispute.

H/t to KentuckySportsRadio for the find.

Houston’s Nutts Hang on SI Cover

Houston Nutt

Houston Nutt says “Damn your cover jinx, SI!!! It’s Ole Miss time!!!” Or, it could’ve went down something like this.

Find out after the jump >>

There Goes The Royals’ Promising Season

Well, that was fun while it lasted. Thanks to Sports Illustrated, a promising season for the Kansas City Royals, led by the unable-to-score-on Zack Greinke, looks like it might be coming to an end. What would cause such an early season collapse after a respectable 10-9 start? Injuries? Bad hitting? Bad pitching? Bad managerial moves? Nope, none of that. The culprit can be found on the upcoming SI cover, featuring the Royals’ ace, Greinke (I know Gil Meche is the Opening Day pitcher, but Greinke has been just nasty, something his 0.00 ERA — after four starts — suggests).

Zack Greinke

I suppose the silver lining is if the Royals — and Greinke — do go in the tank this summer, they now have something to place the blame on: Sports Illustrated and the cover jinx. Yes, it’s an age-old, built-in excuse, but it’s hard to argue with history.

So there you go, Royals fans — and there should be more of you now, supporting your young team that shows signs of competing in the AL Central for the whole season — if the bottom falls out on this promising season, or worse, Greinke gets injured, you know who to blame.

H/t to Joe Posnanski for the find.

SI Decides To Jinx The Whole Damn Tournament

By having regional covers for their Big Dance issue, Sports Illustrated has evidently decided to see just how many teams they can jinx. Here are all six covers in thumbnail form. Click for a bigger image:

Brandon Rush  Chris Lofton  DaJaun Summers

Drew Lavender  Jeff Adrien  Kevin Love

I hope those SI covers don’t wreck your bracket too badly.