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Posts Tagged ‘Shoes’

Ochocinco’s Wild Reeboks

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Chad's Reeboks

That there is one half of Chad Ochocinco’s new shoes, courtesy of Reebok’s new ZigTech design. Whatever your feelings on Reebok’s new style, the one thing you can most assuredly say about this particular version is they definitely match Ochocinco’s team colors. Hey, at least he’s not running naked through the woods, right? Of course, considering his reality show and the amount of women followers he has on Twitter, another commercial of a naked Ochocinco in his new ZigTechs probably isn’t a bad idea. If sex sells for men, it’s bound to work on women, too, right? Unfortunately, they won’t be the ones buying these shoes, even if they do get a naked commercial.

Maybe they’ll buy a pair for their men, expecting similar results.

Whatever the case, a hat-tip to Ochocinco’s Facebook page is in order.

Even LeBron’s Shoes Are Most Valuable

LeBron MVP Shoe

When the Cleveland Cavaliers renew their quest for NBA immortality against Atlanta tonight, it will LeBron’s first game as King of the NBA the league’s MVP. It will also be the first time LeBron is going to wear Nike’s new MVP shoes, made especially to recognize their cash cow James’ incredible regular season. According to Darren Rovell, the shoes will retail for Nike-like $150 and will available at the end of the month (May 30). If the shoes just don’t pay enough respect for your liking, you can also buy a LeBron Witness MVP t-shirt, which should retail for $30.

That’s right! Only $180 to Nike to show your support for LeBron’s MVP award. Sounds like a swell deal. Here’s the shirt, in case you are wondering:

After the jump >>

New Jordans Might Single-Handedly Save the Economy

Air Jordan XX3

Michael Jordan is and has been a lot of things to the western society (eastern’s too), but could the latest version of his Air Jordan shoes single-handedly save the US economy? Probably not, but if every shoe generated this kind of response, some financial bailouts might be avoided — at least for companies like eBay and Foot Locker.

More on the healing power of Air Jordans after the jump >>

Another Garnett Shoe Promotion

KG Shoes

Much like his Finals edition adidas, Kevin Garnett will have a new pair of specialty kicks when the season tips tomorrow night. The launch of these new adidas will be in almost exactly the same vein as the Finals edition:

Only 17 pairs will be produced, and will then be signed by KG and auctioned off. Proceeds will go to the Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation, much like the Finals version. We’ll have much more on the NBA tomorrow as we celebrate the start of a new season.

Can the Celtics repeat (and give us yet another pair of KG adidas to deal with) or will LeBron and/or Kobe (don’t forget about Chris Paul) knock them off?

Did Starbury Copy Its Design?

Starbury Tat

In the wake of all the madness surrounding Stephon Marbury’s deal with Amazon and the incredibly interesting decision to tattoo his head, something occurred to me. Did the Starbury designers copy designs from other, more popular shoes?

It kinda looks like it:

Air Force

Add in the star from the Converse shoes that went with the University of Kentucky’s 1996 denim uniforms, seen here:

Converse Star

And you have the makings of some similar looking athletic gear — but maybe that’s just me responding to the summer doldrums kicking in.