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I guess Da Brat doesn’t like Atlanta Falcon cheerleaders… or at least those named Shayla Stevens. Because of an alleged assault at a nightclub in Tucker, Ga, Stevens has hired power attorney Will Gary to represent her as she pursues the Da Brat in a litigious manner.

According to reports, Da Brat beat Stevens down so badly she suffered permanent damage to her face, including the possibility of neurological damage. Stevens’ injuries have prevented her from continuing her duties has a Falcon cheerleader and she is going to miss a scheduled appearance on one of the never-ending streams of visual “entertainment” from Tyler Perry. Stevens was supposed to appear on the House of Payne television show.

Like any good lawyer should, Will Gary wasn’t shy about offering his take on the situation:

“Our client was physically attacked by Da Brat and has suffered significant head injuries, permanent disfigurement as well as mental distress. Ms. Stevens is a cheerleader, choreographer, dancer, actress and entrepreneur, whose career has been greatly affected by this incident.”

Of course, the reason I’m featuring this story is for the opportunity to talk about cheerleaders. In case you were wondering (and I know you are), this is Shayla Stevens:

Shayla Stevens

Not to be confused with the other Shayla Stevens, who is famous for her roles in foot-fetish movies:

Shayla Stevens

This, of course, is Da Brat, the alleged beat-downer:

Da Brat

Can’t we all just get along? Or maybe just watch some good ole foot-fetish entertainment?