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Posts Tagged ‘Selection Sunday’

Intentional Upset: The End of the Regular Season

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Greg Paulus

It’s officially conference tournament time, meaning the regular season of college basketball came to an end this past weekend. And what a weekend it was. We had part two of Duke/Carolina, UCLA’s improbable (illegal?) win against Cal, USC beating Stanford and much, much more. All of the great weekend basketball means a couple of things: the regular season has come to a close and it’s time for the big conferences to kick-off their tournaments.

The highlight of the weekend? As long as you aren’t a Duke fan, it was probably Danny Green’s dunk over Greg Paulus during the Duke/North Carolina Saturday slugfest. Other games of note:

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All BCS, All The Time

As you could expect, when it comes to the BCS and its version of Selection Sunday, there is a ton of reaction from the sports blogosphere. Here are a few that caught my eye and do a good job of portraying the madness that went down this past weekend.

- Epic Carnival’s WTC has some really good observations, including thoughts about Pitt’s stunning win over WVU.

- The Georgia Sports blog offers their reaction to the realization UGS, last week’s 4th ranked BCS team (ahead of LSU), wasn’t going to championship game. They also do a good job of illustrating that the BCS does indeed need changes.

- Deadspin points out a good argument against Ohio State from the Keith Law, a columnist for ESPN among other duties:

Playing the 43rd-strongest schedule in Division I-A – excuse me, the Football Bowl Subdivision – they beat the snot out of several weak opponents, beat an unranked Michigan State team by one score, and lost to Illinois. They never played a team ranked in the top 20 in the country. Their nonconference games were a joke: Washington, the last-place team in the Pac 10; Akron and Kent State, the bottom two teams in the Mid-American Conference’s East Division; and Youngstown State, which I can’t even find on the Division I-A Football Bowl Subdivision standings page …

Good stuff

- Apparently, not everyone is happy Hawaii made the Sugar Bowl.

- A scathing look at the whole process.

Well, that’s plenty of reading material for you this morning and afternoon. Can you feel the BCS love in the air?