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Posts Tagged ‘SEC’

Georgia On My Mind

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Knowshon Moreno

USA Today released their Preseason Top 25 College Football Coaches Poll today and as expected, Mark Richt’s group of Georgia Bulldogs sits atop these rankings. There were six teams receiving first place votes (Georgia, USC, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Florida and LSU — who make up the top six teams) with Georgia leading the way with 22.

Now, as with all things poll-related, there is disagreement about who should be at the top and in college football, because these polls matter (even now), these discussions can get awfully loud and contentious. In fact, Deadspin makes sure to point out Georgia’s ranking disparity between SEC coaches and national coaches. Apparently, the feeling is the national coaches are giving Georgia too much love for bitch-slapping Hawaii in Sugar Bowl last season.

Whatever the case, teams like USC and OSU will get their chances to prove their worth; however, if somehow the Bulldogs make it through their ungodly SEC schedule with none or only one loss, it’s going to be hard to keep them out of BCS Championship Game.

Moving on. Here’s a breakdown of the Top 25 by the big-six conferences. Did somebody say 27 — as in, 27 days left until kick-off?

* ACC – three teams (#9 Clemson, #15 Virginia Tech, #23 Wake Forest)

* Big 10 – five teams (#3 Ohio State, #12 Wisconsin, #19 Illinois, #22 Penn State, #25 Michigan)

* Big 12 – five teams (#4 Oklahoma, #7 Missouri, #10 Texas, #13 Kansas, #14 Texas Tech)

* Big East – two teams (#8 West Virginia, #21 South Florida)

* Pac-10 – three teams (#2 USC, #16 Arizona State, #20 Oregon)

* SEC – five teams (#1 Georgia, #5 Florida, #6 LSU, #11 Auburn, #18 Tennessee)

This means only Brigham Young and Fresno State are the only two mid-major conference teams in the top 25. Based on that, it’s hard to see a BCS-busting team like Boise State or Hawaii (to a lesser extent) making it through this season.

Can You Do This – SEC?


Last week, we shared a little quiz the Mental Floss blog asking you to name all of the ACC teams in under a minute; something we weren’t sure about. I mean, it IS the ACC and all. ;) Well, they’ve posted another conference quiz and this one focuses on perfection: The SEC.

See if you can name all the South Eastern Conference’s team in under a minute. The prize? Bragging rights and the knowledge your SEC skills are sharp. I did it. Can you?

The Basketball Conference Awards

The “regular season” for college basketball ended this past weekend and the conference player awards have been announced. So, instead of making you go to all the conference sites to verify your picks for ACC Player of the Year, we’ve decided to handle the heavy lifting and list the All-Conference teams and the Conference POY awards.

For the sake of avoiding scroll-monster posts and with absolutely no offense to the mid-majors, we’ve limited our lists to the power conferences. See if you agree or disagree with these results:

See the major conference awards after the jump ››