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Posts Tagged ‘SEC Basketball’

John Wall Loves Calipari

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Because of comments made after the Vanderbilt game, super freshman John Wall was in a position of clarification, one he handled by saying he has nothing but love for his (one-year?) coach. As far as these things go, this will probably be the last we hear of this, unless, of course, Kentucky struggles against Ole Miss tonight.

South Carolina Fined For Storming

Gamecock Storm

Beat the newly-minted number one team and storm the floor to celebrate a potentially season-saving win? That’s a fining. That’s right, the University of South Carolina’s victory over Kentucky is going to cost them $25,000, all because the fans went on the floor to join in on the fun of their team celebrating such a big win.

Granted, it’s the rule of the SEC, but are those who run the conference overstepping their purpose here? Is it really necessary to punish a school just because their students wanted to enjoy the victory?.

For what it’s worth, here are the SEC rules about storming the floor:

The policy, approved by all 12 SEC institutions, imposes financial penalties for violations in the sports of football, men’s and women’s basketball. Institutional penalties are $5,000 for a first offense, $25,000 for a second offense and $50,000 for third and subsequent offenses. If an institution is penalized and subsequently does not have a violation for a period of three years (from the date of the most recent violation), that subsequent violation shall be considered a 2nd offense.

Apparently, all of that football money isn’t sufficient.

Of course, if you would’ve asked South Carolina officials before the game with Kentucky tipped whether or not they’d pay $25K to ensure a win, you probably would’ve received a “yes” answer. With that in mind, I’m guessing the fine will be money well spent, especially when you consider the kind of buzz the Gamecocks are getting — well, at least Devan Downey.

Getting Closer To College Basketball

Camping Out

While we are in the midst of the NFL and college football seasons, not to mention a week away from the MLB Playoffs, it should be noted college basketball is a lot closer than you realize. What better way to demonstrate this than with Kentucky fans? UK fans are ready for their version of Midnight Madness to start, like yesterday. Case in point: there’s already a camp-out line in Lexington for Big Blue Madness tickets, which are free and will be available online as well as in person. So yeah, even though you can acquire them electronically, people are willing to spend the night outside just to get their chance to see the beginning of the John Calipari era.

By last count, about 200-300 fans are camping, waiting for 6am/October 3rd deadline.

Pearlz N The Hood

Bruce Pearl

Bruce Pearl gets mad love in the hood, as well as the state of Tennessee. Although, that love apparently dries out when Pearl is making jokes about a group of people known for white robes and hoods; a group founded in Tennessee. What happened was Pearl was talking about who difficult it can be to mesh the different personalities on his team because his players are from different areas. Some are from inner-city area — the hood — while others are from rural areas, or, places that have people who wear hoods. Now, to me, this is a harmless way of saying his team is diverse in a racial sense and getting these players to bond in a team chemistry environment isn’t necessarily easy.

However, because Pearl used the word “hood,” the content of his message has been completely disregarded.

After the jump including the video of Pearl >>

Papa John Calipari (Twitter Trends)

John Calipari

Kentucky coach John Calipari is a big (new) fan of Papa Johns, and he isn’t afraid to use Twitter to tell the world about it. Is this a new method of sponsorship? Taking the Twitter “airwaves” to pitch products associated with your employer? Take, for example, these tweets from Calipari. Not only is he shilling for one of the University of Louisville’s biggest sponsors, he’s even associating his pitch with UK basketball. When you consider the levels of Calipari idolatry going on in the bluegrass, I’d say a lot of Kentucky basketball fans ate Papa Johns last night.

Calipari’s for Papa Johns after the jump >>

The John Wall Effect

John Wall

And with Slam Online’s breaking post, the world revolving around college basketball has no choice but to react to the news John Wall is going to the University of Kentucky. And react it has. The news is all over Twitter, ESPN, CBS and Yahoo Sports, not to mention just about every blog with a Kentucky/college basketball connection. While there hasn’t been a definitive reply from the Wall camp concerning the news, this quote from Wall in Jerry Meyer’s article should dispel doubts:

“Being able to play against Eric (Bledsoe) is a big plus,” he said. “I told Brian and my mom that I’ve always had to fight for my position. That’s what I had to do when I first played for Brian. I’m used to fighting. It’s another challenge for me to come to Kentucky and fight for my position.”

As indicated, there’s been a lot of fallout since word got out. And it’s not limited to Rivals message boards either — although, there’s some good discussion going at both UK and the Tar Heel forums.

More John Wall fallout after the jump >>

Bruce Pearl is No Longer Available

Bruce Pearl
Click for bigger image

Sorry ladies, but it looks like one of the more charismatic coaches in America is no longer a bachelor. That’s right, Bruce “Boat Trip” Pearl announced his engagement to Brandy Miller, the lady who appeared with Pearl in our infamous “Ladies Love Bruce Pearl” post. While most of us thought the lady in the image in question was just another Pearl conquest, apparently, the Tennessee coach had other plans.

Unfortunately, it looks like this is the end of all the “I Want to Date Layla Kiffin” fun.

Bruce Pearl Has Mad Lyrical Skills

I want to thank whatever deity you choose for letting us have Bruce Pearl in this world. The Tennessee coach is a god among men, and while his new football coach counterpart might be making a lot of the headlines in Knoxville, he’ll never approach the stratosphere Bruce Pearl resides on — hot wife or not. Another god among men, Jai Eugene, call Pearl’s stint on the mic “a rap song of total domination.”

Considering how the blogosphere is eating this — and all things “Bruce Pearl” — up, Jai might be on to something. Vols, bitch, indeed.