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Posts Tagged ‘Scott Pioli’

Larry Johnson Makes Nice For New Chiefs Staff

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Larry Johnson

Larry Johnson apparently wants to turn over a new leaf for his new bosses. After asking to be traded shortly after Todd Haley and Scott Pioli took over at Arrowhead Stadium, Johnson has changed his tune and is planning to report to the Kansas City Chiefs voluntary minicamp, which starts tomorrow and goes through Sunday. Johnson’s “good teammate” turn comes after the resolution of multiple legal situations the Chiefs running back was facing.

Jason Whitlock; however, does not think Johnson should be a Chief any longer.

There’s no reason to believe Larry Johnson or his new agent…

Scott Pioli should go ahead and release Johnson now. If somehow Kansas City’s new general manager is able to trade Johnson for anything — chinstrap, mouthpiece, blocking dummy, a jockstrap to be named later — Pioli would have to be an early candidate for NFL executive of the year.

Johnson has no trade value. He refuses to block. He’s an unreliable runner. He has a bad attitude. His best years are long gone. A team would be foolish to trade for Johnson.

That’s not the most ringing endorsement I’ve ever heard, but perhaps Whitlock makes a point. Is it worth the effort/trouble/risk to give Johnson another chance? His recent track record, on and off the field, says no. Conversely, his 4.5 YPC might disagree with Whitlock.

Larry Johnson Celebrates in Style

Larry Johnson

Larry Johnson looks like he’s happy. You don’t see too many sad people wearing camouflage pants and trucker hats capable of fitting over Kid’s high-top fade. Maybe it’s the new quarterback his team traded for? Maybe it’s the facelift his team is currently undergoing? Is he excited about playing for Scott Pioli and Todd Haley? His Pro Bowl offensive lineman isn’t, but why should Johnson let that spoil his wardrobe fun? Question: Does anyone REALLY think Johnson is going to survive the new management purge, especially when you consider some of the legal issues the running back is dealing with? You have to think, considering how the Patriots were ran when Pioli was in New England, that this kind of behavior won’t be tolerated by the Chiefs.

Does the ending bode well for Johnson?

The image in question was taken in Las Vegas this past weekend at the PURE nightclub and first appeared on Spy on Vegas. H/t to Pacman Jonesin’ for the find.

Welcome To Kansas City, Scott Pioli

Scott Pioli
The one on the camera’s right … or the left of Bill’s Bells

There’s a new sheriff general manager in town over at One Arrowhead Drive, as the announcement of Scott Pioli’s hiring is hitting the blogs, trades and everywhere else sports news is reported. According to reports, Pioli is not expected to retain current head coach, Herm Edwards, although, nothing concrete has been announced.

As expected, the Chiefs blogs seem to be pleased with the hire. Of course, at this point, a different direction than the one being offered by previous GM Carl Peterson will be welcomed with open arms. Arrowhead Pride has more on the hire:

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