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World Series – One Win Away

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Ryan Howard

Ryan Howard and the rest of the Phillies bats awoke last night to put Philadelphia one win away from winning baseball’s world championship. Howard’s struggles were beginning to be the fodder for blogs and newspapers alike. After last night performance — two home runs and five RBI — he has his team one win away from biggest prize in baseball and people are starting to remember what it is they liked about the Phillies slugger.

Even though no one apparently saw Saturday’s rain delayed, late night baseball fun, the signs of Howard’s awakening were apparent after he hit his first World Series home run in the sixth inning of Game 3.

If Saturday night was an awakening, last night was the eruption; and because of Howard’s bat heroics (not to mention Joe Blanton and Jayson Werth), the city of Philadelphia is one win away from their first non-Arena Football championship since Doctor J and his 83 Sixers.

Game 5 is tonight and we get a repeat of Game 1′s starting pitchers when Cole Hamels and Scott Kazmir go at it again. With Hamels on the mound, you have to like Philly’s chances of ending the Series tonight.

World Series: Let the Fun Begin

World Series

Here we are folks: the Cowbells versus the Liberty Bells. The Raysheads versus the Why Can’t Us crowd. Mohawks versus … well, the Phillies didn’t do any special haircuts for the postseason, but you get the idea. The Fall Classic is here as the Tampa Bay Rays try to give the Philadelphia Phillies all the devil they can handle.

Currently, the Rays are favorites, but I’m thinking a lot of that has to with them being the freshest memory out of the two teams. Not that they aren’t capable of winning the World Series. They obviously are. I just have the feeling because of the unexpected late drama in the ALCS, the Phils are the forgotten team, not that they have a problem with that.

I mean, would a Philadelphia team have it any other way?

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