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Posts Tagged ‘Santonio Holmes’

Santonio Holmes Just Doesn’t Get It

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Santonio 420

I was led to Santonio Holmes’ site thanks to a post over at PFT mentioning Holmes’ open letter to Pittsburgh Steelers fans. It’s a touching letter, thanking the fans for supporting him through thick and thin; you know, they typical written-by-a-PR-lackey stuff that make people feel like they are apart of the NFL process, and that’s all fine and good. However, while reading Holmes’ note, I noticed this little gem in the right-hand column. Now, at first glance, it seems pretty harmless. Santonio has set up a service that allows fans to “call” him for personal messages and the like — however, once you notice the time on iPhone image, 4:20, you get the feeling, or at least I do, that Holmes just doesn’t get it, or he just doesn’t care about being associated with the marijuana subculture.

Considering the “stoners’ holiday” was a mere two days ago — combined with Holmes’ past run-ins — I’d try to stay away from anything pot-related, especially if I was serving a suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. Another thing: when I see the image in question, and then read things like this:

“Sometimes you have no control over things that happen.”

The idea of Holmes’ hiding his love for the Devil’s Weed in plain sight, while adopting a “Who, me?” attitude, essentially trying to pull one over on his superiors, sounds more and more plausible. How hard would it be to change the time on the phone image to something innocuous like “5:00″ or even “4:30,” in an effort to, oh, I don’t know, disguise your affection for the very thing you got in trouble for?

Who knows? Maybe Holmes is entering a rebellious phase and he wants to show his bosses they can’t control him. Whatever the case, if he wants to keep his job, while demonstrating he is indeed being “accountable for what happened,” perhaps he should just leave the marijuana subculture alone. Completely.

Santonio Holmes Should Probably Stop Tweeting

Santonio Holmes Tweet

Furthering the point that athletes should probably stay away from Twitter, unless they are as bland as Lance Armstrong’s, Santonio Holmes dropped another potentially misinterpreted gem, this time about waking and baking. Now, I have no idea if Holmes is talking about the less-socially accepted method of baking after you wake up, but if take a quick look at Urban Dictionary, there 15 different definitions for “wake and bake” and they all have to do with marijuana.

The Google result page isn’t much different from UD, either.

When you look at the context of Holmes’ response, you see he was talking to another one of Twitter’s many sports groupies and their little Tweet stream was spent discussing playing Modern Warfare 2 mixed with good morning wishes.

Again, I have no idea if Holmes still partakes, but he does have a history. Considering the earlier Twitter mess Holmes got into — Suicide recommendations, Santonio? Really?!?! — coupled with his previous mistakes, I’d probably avoid any reference that could be connected to weed and consumption thereof.

Either that or I’d just stay the hell away from Twitter. If the NFL Groupies need to contact you that badly, send them your email address in a Direct Message and then delete your account. It would probably be for the best, all things considered.

Santonio Holmes Picks Up Where He Left Off

Yay!!!! The NFL is back!!! It’s on NBC and it rocks — even with unnecessary pregame concerts!!! OK, enough hyperbole, although, I was being serious about that pregame mess. I just don’t think we need recycled pop country and a pale imitation of the Black Eyed Peas — I’m sorry, but they need to ditch Fergie and pursue the course “Joints and Jams” started them off on, instead of making weak pop music — to get us in the mood for a football game. If anything, hardcore metal would be the prudent choice, but I’m digressing.

Celebrating Santonio Holmes’ apparent Groundhog Day after the jump >>

Imitating LeBron is Expensive (Santonio Holmes)

While he didn’t get penalized for using a prop, much to the chagrin of Arizona fans everywhere, Santonio Holmes is actually being punished for his LeBron James celebration after scoring the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl. Keeping with the normal NFL tradition, in order to punish Holmes, the brass went after his pocket book to the tune of $10,000 — an amount that is, in all likelihood, smaller than whatever bonuses he received for making the “Catch Heard Around the World During the Month of February.”

If I was a betting man, I’d say Cardinals fans would prefer the 15-yard penalty instead of the NFL taking money away from Holmes three or so weeks after the game ended.

Santonio Holmes Loves LeBron

Final Super Bowl thought of the day:

Um, is this not a penalty? No props during celebrations, right? 15-yard personal foul, right? Bringing up the issue: what happens if the Cardinals received a kickoff from the 15 instead of the 30? Again, this does not take anything away from Pittsburgh’s huge victory and Holmes’ incredible display of athleticism and awareness. It was a once-in-a-lifetime catch and should be celebrated as such.

Conversely, his celebration could/should have warranted a penalty, changing Arizona’s starting field position substantially. Nevertheless, Holmes deserves props for his his choice of celebration.

Creativity, even when you are borrowing from a King, goes a long way.

MVP Holmes and the Catch

Last night, Santonio Holmes’ game-winning catch was so impressive, important, and well, huge, it outdoes his manhood pictures that leaked a while back. That’s right, Holmes’ catch was bigger than anything going on in whatever modeling pictures he might have laying around. Santonio’s efforts secured the Super Bowl MVP award, much like those modeling-in-the-shower images (NSFWish) inevitably secured more female fans for him.

More Holmes after the jump >>

Don’t You Have To Break The Plane?

Perception is a funny thing. Just ask the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers. One side sees fourth and short while the other sees game-winning touchdown. Who’s right? Naturally, the Pittsburgh media sees touchdown:

Reaction to the Holmes catch after the jump >>

Maybe Santonio Holmes Likes Half Baked

Half Baked Holmes

Pittsburgh Steelers deep threat, Santonio Holmes, is in some alleged trouble after being pulled over and found with a couple of marijuana blunts, reports PFT. The reason Holmes was pulled over to begin with? His vehicle “fit a description” of one used in another crime.

Ah. The good ole “fit the description” ploy. If they don’t use it on you, they’ll use it on your vehicle, evidently. Nevertheless, Holmes cooperated and handed his stash over to the arresting officers. Brilliantly enough, Holmes didn’t have his driver’s license on him when he was stopped. It’s fairly obvious Holmes will be facing some kind of punishment from the league and may even be put into the NFL’s substance-abuse program.

Evidently, one member of Pittsburgh’s police department is a huge Steelers fan, as evidenced by Sgt James Vogel’s comments:

“We wouldn’t expect a steelworker to be laid off or suspended without pay [for marijuana possession],” said Vogel. “I wouldn’t expect a police officer, firefighter or a member of the Steelers.”

Vogel obviously thinks a Holmes suspension will hurt the Steelers and their passing game. Maybe Santonio should’ve thought of that before he was driving around the city with weed in his car.