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Posts Tagged ‘San Francisco 49ers’

Mike Singletary Out as 49ers Coach

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Sayonara Samurai Mike Singletary. The San Francisco 49ers fired you yesterday after your team was officially eliminated from the playoff race. Your hard-nosed old-school methods just didn’t seem to work with this group of players. Of course losing Frank Gore for the season and having to choose between the two-headed Smith QB monster didn’t help your cause, but multiple confrontations with players weren’t getting you any bonuses either.

I didn’t see this coming. I really thought mooning your players would turn this team around!

Patrick Willis Welcomes Brett Favre Back

Favre Sacked

Brett Favre made his preseason debut this past weekend against the San Francisco 49ers, and even though he was only in the game for only four offensive plays, it’s safe to say Favre will remember his first game back, thanks in large part to 49ers linebacker, Patrick Willis. The 49ers are getting a lot of love as NFC West favorites, and if their defense is any indication, there might be truth to those rumors. Granted, it’s hard to take anything from preseason games, so let’s just enjoy the highlight:

One could look at the hit as a karmic payback for Favre’s “make me feel wanted, while giving me lots more money” actions. In fact, I think it’s the preferable way to interpret Willis’ Favre smash.

Michael Crabtree’s Payday Details

Mike and Mike

We already know how he got his money, now here are some of the details on Michael Crabtree’s long-awaited contract signing: Six years, $32 million, $17 million guaranteed. That’s pretty much what he would’ve received had he signed over the summer, making his holdout one of the more perplexing decisions by an athlete in sometime. Maybe he’s only used to playing, at most, a 12-game season, and because of that, he adjusted his time-table accordingly.

More than likely, however, it had something to do with the rumor concerning his agent’s insistence on matching Darrius Heyward-Bey’s contract. Here’s a list of the number 7-11 draft picks and the amount of money they signed for:

7. Darrius Heyward-Bey (WR) – Oakland, 5 years for $38.25 million ($23.5M guaranteed)
8. Eugene Monroe (OT) – Jacksonville, 5 years for $35.4 million ($19.2M guaranteed)
9. B.J. Raji (DT) – Green Bay, 5 years for $28.5 million ($18M guaranteed)
10. Michael Crabtree (WR) – San Francisco, 6 years for $32 million ($17M guaranteed)
11. Aaron Maybin (DE) – Buffalo, 5 years for $25 million ($15M guaranteed)

Judging by that, Crabtree gained absolutely nothing by holding out. There are various clauses and performances escalators in his newly-signed deal, but the gist remains the same: Michael Crabtree’s 67-day contract holdout didn’t improve his grand total by one dollar. Not only that, but because of his shortened rookie season, it’s doubtful he’ll be of much help to his new team. Not at first, anyway. Maybe next time, he’ll seek a second opinion when his agent offers financial advice.

As for 49er fans, at least one has been overcome by the Crabtree vapors.

The Real Reason Crabtree Got His Money

I can’t help but wonder if Deion and Hammer walked into Scot McCloughan’s office and busted their routine out.

Jim Brown Has Some Words For Michael Crabtree

Jim Brown

In an interview with Sirius XM radio, perhaps the best running back ever to play the game had some choice words for San Francisco 49ers holdout Michael Crabtree: Your holdout is dumb and you should grow up and “get your butt into camp.” Brown went on to say a player’s legacy is measured by his play, not the amount of money he makes. Wise words from a wise man, but considering the Crabtree camp’s perspective, they no doubt fell on deaf ears. Only a player with a mile-wide streak of arrogance would think a year-long holdout will benefit his career.

Memo to Crabtree and his handlers — your client isn’t the next coming of John Elway.

More on Crabtree’s folly after the jump >>

Frank Gore Hurts the Fantasy Football Soul

Frank Gore

Dig, if you will, a picture: You and I engaged in a fantasy football contest. Down by two with Frank Gore going against Arizona’s defense — it increased the heat between me and my opponent.

/When Doves Cry

Down by two but one of my best players is still in the game going against the defense my fantasy opponent is starting. Those bad interceptions gave said opponent a two-point lead, but you can’t give up hope as long as Frank Gore is still in play, right? And so, I didn’t. Now the game gets is getting tight: San Fran is driving and manages to get the ball down to the goal line — about a yard or so short — and immediately, I’m thinking Gore’s going to punch it in and I am going to snatch fantasy victory from the jaws of defeat.

More Frank Gore blues after the jump >>

NFL Preview – A Quick Look at the NFC West

We end this NFL Preview excursion with the less-than-appreciated NFC West. Now, I don’t expect the next Super Bowl winner to come out of this division, but there are still some teams that can determine who does.

Seattle Seahawks

Mike Holmgren

They’ve been the best team in the NFC West for a few years now. Is this the year the Seahawks relinquish the division crown? Are the rest of the NFC West teams ready to step-up and knock Seattle off? Until I see it, I’m saying no. The Seahawks still have Matt Hasselbeck, a potent defense and the best home field advantage in the NFL. Of course, if they are going to do more than just win the West and lose in the first round of the playoffs, the Seahawks need their offense to step up around their Pro Bowl-level quarterback.

The running game is all new as Shaun Alexander left town after becoming more and more ineffective. Enter free agent Julius Jones and Maurice Morris, Alexander’s replacement last season. If these two are productive, the Seahawks could sneak up on a lot of opponents. The key is keeping Hasselbeck and the defense healthy.

10-6 and the NFC West championship.

Hottest Seahawks Cheerleader
Say hi to Sea Gal Natalie, one of many lookers on the Seahawks cheerleading team.


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