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Posts Tagged ‘San Diego Chargers’

Keep Your Hands Off The Refs, Donnie

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It was pretty much a blah kind of day in the NFL yesterday. Unless, of course, your goal was seeing a Tampa Bay/Arizona shootout (or Washington/Detroit) or Brett Favre getting his chin split open, but thanks to the Tennessee/San Diego game, there was some fun to be had, especially when the referees were involved. What we have is Titans safety Donnie Nickey getting mad at some of the extracurricular activities going on after the play in question was over.

To express his frustration, Nickey took a swing at the offending Chargers player, but instead of hitting his target, he hit referee Bill Levy in the chest. Not good. The end result was, despite the fact he didn’t mean to, Nickey getting ejected for touching an official.

That’ll learn ya.

Who knows, maybe Nickey wanted to get a jump start on all that California trick or treating?

Dexter McCluster Has Some Fast Wheels

Chiefs Fans
I bet these guys have man-crushes on McCluster now

The Kansas City Chiefs surprised the San Diego Chargers last night, by the score of 21-14. While the Chiefs offense still looks incredibly suspect, thanks to an influx of youthful talent, the Chiefs now boast some explosive players that can score anytime they touch the ball. Jamaal Charles is one, and he showed what he’s capable of with a 56 yard touchdown scamper, putting the Chiefs on the board. The Chiefs scored again when rookie tight end Tony Moeaki got free in the end zone, but it was their third touchdown that set the Chiefs nation on fire.

Thanks to a beast-mode-like 94-yard punt return touchdown — a record for the Chiefs — from McCluster, he’s probably the most popular player in a Chiefs uniform now. Long punt returns have a way of canonizing Chiefs players.

For example, see Hall, Dante.

I dare say, however, McCluster is actually faster than Hall because it looked like he ran that 94 yards in about four seconds, especially after he gets outside.

Video after the jump >>

Poor Nate Kaeding

Nate Kaeding

Oh, the life of an NFL kicker. Miss three kicks the entire season (while making a few game-winners) and nobody notices you. Miss three kicks in a divisional playoff and everybody in the sports world knows your name, and it’s not because of your regular season accuracy, either. After getting bounced by the surprising New York Jets, the San Diego Chargers faithful don’t have to look too far to place blame.

Internet message boards aren’t the only places taking swipes at Kaeding, either. Just ask the guest hosts of today’s Jim Rome Show (radio, not ESPN) and the joke they made at Kaeding’s expense. Granted, I laughed parts of my behind off, but that just means I’m going to hell, too. I’m still not sure on this whole “having fun at the expense of others” thing, so forgive any “low blow” actions on my part.

The joke in question:

After the game ended, Nate Kaeding tried to hang himself. Unfortunately, when he went to kick the chair out, he missed.

Um, yeah. I’m so going to hell for laughing at that, aren’t I?

Oh well.

I doubt very seriously I’ll be the only one there.

H/t to TBL for the image.

Apparently, Kaeding’s Wikipedia page was defaced to include the joke I heard on Rome’s show. Unfortunately, said defacing has been corrected.

Shonn Greene’s Beastly Touchdown

With 263 rushing yards in the Jets’ two playoff games, rookie Shonn Greene has the second-best rushing total ever by a rookie in the NFL Playoffs. Not only is Greene producing at a high rate, it’s his play, and not the other, more well-known rookie — Mark Sanchez — that’s leading the Jets to an unexpected appearance in the AFC Championship game. Granted, Sanchez hasn’t made any costly mistakes, however, without Greene and Thomas Jones keeping opposing defenses honest, opponents would simply tee off on the rookie quarterback, forcing him to either win or loss the game.

However, because the Jets running game is going so well — not to mention, their stout defense — Sanchez can get away with a pedestrian 12-23 for one TD and one interception performance and still be a position to make a Super Bowl appearance.

In the lead video, we have Greene’s touchdown that broke the proverbial backs of the San Diego Chargers, and all I can say about that is, “poor Eric Weddle.” In case you missed it, Weddle is the Charger who got absolutely “hit stick trucked” by Greene as he rumbled for the go-ahead score. Next up for the surprising Jets? A Sunday date with the Indianapolis Colts. The winner, of course, gets a to punch their ticket for Miami, Florida, and a February 7th date with whoever the NFC decides to send.

As of now, it’s hard not to like Minnesota’s chances, but then again, let’s see how they fair on the road against New Orleans before anyone crowns them “NFC Champions.”

Ochocinco Honors Chris Henry

While he didn’t wear Chris Henry’s number 15 jersey, Chad Ochocinco found a way to pay tribute to his fallen teammate after scoring a touchdown against the San Diego Chargers yesterday. While the Chargers escaped with a last-second win, courtesy of Nate Kaeding’s accurate leg, the Bengals — after the needless loss of Henry — played with a great deal of pride and determination. There was a lot of speculation about who the Bengals would honor Henry, specifically Ochocinco. After informing various NFL insiders he wouldn’t be wearing jersey because of distraction issues, Ochocinco found another way to pay tribute to Henry’s memory.

Even though the Chargers wound up winning the game, which resulted in them clinching the AFC West, the Bengals are in a good position going into their final stretch of games. Sunday, the Bengals host the Kansas City Chiefs, and their final game of the season is an away game against the New York Jets. Finishing the season at 11-5 or 10-6, combined with their first playoff appearance in three seasons, is an entirely reachable achievement.

If you would’ve asked a Bengal fan back when the season started if they thought such a result was possible, there’s a strong chance you would’ve been laughed at.

Eddie Royal Returns San Diego to Sender

Is this the point where we stop asking is the Denver Broncos are for real, and work to figure out just how good they really are? It’s obvious now the Broncos and their impressive 6-0 record are no fluke. Sure, they need some immaculate intervention against the Bengals, but when your last two wins come against the New England Patriots and the San Diego Chargers, the time for questions about legitimacy ends. At least it does for me.

And hey, Denver’s uniforms are the god damn bomb, so they have that going for them as well.

More on Royal’s returns after the jump >>

Louis Murphy Succeeds Where Heyward-Bey Fails

Louis Murphy
Even though their defense failed to hold the surprising lead, the Oakland Raiders have reason to be excited about one of their rookie wide receivers, although, I don’t think it’s the one they were expecting to embrace. A lot of eyebrows were raised when the Raiders drafted Darrius Heyward-Bey, the speedster with suspect hands from the University of Maryland.

While it might have been a foolhardy pick, Bey was still expected to deliver something that would help justify Oakland’s dice roll.

Louis Murphy or DHB (and video) after the jump >>

Tila Tequila Is Full of Twitter Nguyen

Full of Nguyen
Click for bigger image

Don’t you just love modern technology, especially when it comes to electronic communications? It makes stories like the Tila Tequila/Shawne Merriman hubbub all the more enjoyable; more so when one of the parties doesn’t understand the concept enough to stop talking, er, tweeting about a potential legal situation. Apparently, Tequila’s attorneys are as ignorant to how things like Twitter actually work as she is, or they believe Merriman’s account and are simply collecting their no doubt exorbitant retainer.

Plenty more, including more screenshots, after the jump >>