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Posts Tagged ‘Saint Louis Billikens’

Rick Majerus Doesn’t Hold Back

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Rick MajerusResponding to the hubbub surrounding his comments made during a Hillary Clinton rally, Saint Louis coach Rick Majerus showed he has no intention of backing down from his beliefs, even it means losing his job.

Speaking to ESPN’s Pat Forde, Majerus made it clear that while he respects the Archbishop Raymond Burke, he stands strong in his beliefs:

“I believe in ending the war. I believe in gun control. I believe in stem-cell [research]. I believe in pro-choice. I respect that women need to make the decisions that are right for them, and I think it’s wrong for people to speculate what they would do in a gut-wrenching, agonizing situation.”

Majerus goes on to say he was shocked by the Archbishop’s interjection and while he does respect his opinions, the Archbishop should respect his as well. The idea of him losing his job as Saint Louis’ coach came up as well, and considering how the Burke responded the first time, that may well be the result of this follow-up interview:

“I don’t anticipate repercussions,” Majerus said. “But if there were, I don’t need the job. I like the job, but if Father asked me to step down, I would. I think I would.”

It would be a shame to see Majerus leave Saint Louis under such conditions. I’m guessing the Archbishop was all out of the “Love thy Neighbor” elixir when he first read about Majerus’ comments.

As it stands, I commend him for standing strong in his beliefs and if Saint Louis thinks they’ll have a better representative, perhaps they need to read how he tried to help Al Soto as Soto struggled with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Intentional Upset: Saint Louis Learns To Score

When he’s not busy showing off his incredible body, Rick Majerus apparently takes some time to teach the game of basketball and considering the ineptitude displayed by his offense last week, his players needed all the instructions they can handle. Apparently, either Majerus’ nakedness or his teachings have paid off… at least for one game.

The Billikens beat the 21st-ranked Rhode Island Rams by the score of 68-61, a 48-point improvement over the offensive explosion Saint Louis had against George Washington (20 points for the entire game; 54 minutes of real-time between baskets). Leading the way for Majerus’ squad was Tommie Liddell, who scored 22 points (where was that against GW?) and helped Saint Louis secure their tenth win of the season.

So what happened to their O-Fence? Did the Billikens simply shoot better or did the embarrassment of a 20-point outing flip the proverbial switch? Coach Majerus saw it a little differently (was he naked during the post-game presser?):

Nothing helps you like hustle. We won it defensively, and we are getting better and better defensively. I thought they competed. They had a nice spirit about them.

Speaking of defense, maybe Saint Louis followed his instructions from EA’s March Madness 2004:

I could watch stuff like that all day long… as long as a non-naked Majerus was in it.

Player of the Weak: Saint Louis Billikens

I’m not sure if this is what Rick Majerus had in mind when he took over for the Billikens, but this is what he got: a team that can only muster SEVEN POINTS in one half of basketball (and only 13 in the other). According to ESPN’s segment (thanks for the embeddable video… jerks), Saint Louis went a whooping 54 minutes between baskets in a 49-20 loss to George Washington.

Rick Majerus

Understand, this is real time, not game clock time and 20 of those minutes were dedicated to halftime, where the Billikens weren’t on the floor (thankfully). However, that leaves 34 real time minutes of basketball (which equates to about 10-12 minutes on the basketball clock) between made baskets.

And I thought UK’s offense was ineffective…

To their credit, the Billikens almost doubled their first half output by scoring 13 points. Baby steps, folks. Baby steps. Well, that and minor victories. ;)

Ashley JuddAs for the greatness that is Majerus, he simply said, “We have some issues in terms of our offensive proficiency.” Gee Rick, Do ya think so? Anyway, I prefer to remember Ricky Rick like this–while working as an ESPN analyst, Majerus had some interesting thoughts about Kentucky’s unoffical mascot, Ashley Judd:

“Well, there’s not much to look forward to from here on out, so I’m trying to find Ashley Judd in the crowd. It beats the adult videos at the hotel.”

Update (12:17pm): Great find by Black Heart Gold Pants concerning Saint Louis’ excellence in basketball offensive execution: the 69 combined points from GW and STL was less than eleven of the bowl games we just spent an entire month watching.

Oh yeah, the Billikens’ 20-point outburst set a Division I record for fewest points in a game in the modern era. Kudos are indeed in order. Did Rick Majerus channel the Washington Generals before the game started?