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Sad Mountaineers

Seeing your team’s star player go down can’t very easy to watch, especially when it comes during a game where the Duke Blue Devils are handing you your asses — or at least the team you root for. While I don’t usually like wallowing in the misery of others, there’s just so much going on in this picture, you almost have to, especially once the rooting biases are factored in (I’m a Kentucky fan). Granted, the fact the reactions came from Da’Sean Butler’s unfortunate knee injury, I’m still fascinated by the picture.

First, there’s about $500 worth of nail salon care going on with the the three focal points of the image. Don’t get me wrong, I love nice-looking nails, but aren’t the expensive French manicures kind of tired by now? It’s still all about the white tips, apparently.

And then there’s the guy at the lower-right of the image. While CBS’ score/time remaining graphic obscures most of what the camera cut off, you can still see his “crazy eyes” reaction fairly clearly:

Crazy Eyes

Perhaps he had some money on the game, and the realization that, without Butler, WVU’s chances were thrown completely out the window caused a Scanners-like reaction and it was simply caught before his eyes exploded from their sockets.

I’d love to see an animated gif of that.

Image courtesy of 30fps.