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Posts Tagged ‘Sad But True’

It’s Hard Being a Detroit Lions Fan

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This little gem is making its way around the blogosphere and with good reason. What we have are two Detroit Lions fans who happen to be female — hence the Roy Williams jersey — and they apparently have issues with some other Lions fans. Things get all loud and boisterous, and then the authorities show up, ruining the fun for everyone. Come on Lions fans, considering the plight of your football team, one that’s working on a 0-18 streak, solidarity instead of infighting is what’s needed — even if the females in question are annoying as hell; even if they are acting like they belong in the “White Chick and Gang Signs” video.

Good times.

H/t to just about everyone, but it looks like Issac is the one who got the ball rolling.

High School Basketball Game Turns Ugly

This is all over the tubes this morning, but I thought I’d share anyway. The video depicts an ugly, ugly brawl between two Alabama high schools that started on the basketball court but ended up in the stands. The game was a state tournament match up between Carver-Montgomery High School and Valley High School and the fracas started when two players from each team — Carver’s Roquez Johnson and Valley’s Enrique Florence — got in a shoving match.

Next thing you know, we’re playing the feud. fills in some details:

More on the brawl after the jump >>