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It was a busy Game 4 for Utah’s Ronnie Price yesterday. After getting smashed to the floor by Ronny Turiaf — a fall that opened Price up above the eye and resulted in Turiaf getting ejected (Price also received stitches for his troubles) — he followed that up with a resounding blocked shot, one that left victim Luke Walton looking kind of dazed and confused.

Of course, coming from the Bill Walton gene pool, that’s to be expected.

The question surrounding the Turiaf foul is whether or not Ronny should have been ejected or did the officials overreact when they saw Price’s blood?

Yes it was a hard foul, although, it didn’t look like Turiaf was trying to injure Price. However, it does look like he did help guide him to the floor with his left arm. But does that make it a Flagrant 2 or did the appearance of Price’s blood after he hits the floor elevate the foul’s severity in the eyes of the refs? Whatever the case, Turiaf got ejected for his troubles.

Of course, the busy night for Ronnie Price didn’t end there. Later in the fourth quarter, Luke Walton got free for what looked like a breakaway layup. Yeah, not so much. Price ran him down and unceremoniously denied Walton in spectacular fashion.

Was that better than Tayshaun’s block of Reggie Miller, considering the height differential? I mean, Price is listed at 6-2 and Walton is 6-8.

Perhaps next time you should dunk the ball, Luke.

As for the Lakers/Jazz series, it’s tied 2-2 and Game 5 is, for some reason, not until Wednesday night. I guess traveling all the way from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles requires almost a four-day recovery period. Have I ever mentioned the NBA Playoffs’ television schedule sucks?