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Posts Tagged ‘Ron Artest’

Joe Crawford Is Taking A Wiki Beating

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Joe Crawford

Because of the Ron Artest ejection, some non-Laker fans are having a little fun defacing referee Joe Crawford’s Wikipedia page. The issue is, some non-Kobe fans think he should’ve been thrown out of the game along with Ron and his awesome hair. First, the play in question, as if you hadn’t seen it enough:

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Where Does McGrady Get a Pass Happens

The catharsis from Houston’s advance to the second round was so complete, Ron Artest is considered a redeemed character. He can even make fun of Detroit/Indiana and be greeted with laughs from the mainstream media members in attendance. It’s that absolute. One player who is not receiving the benefit of past-transgression-removal, however, is Tracy McGrady. McGrady’s legacy involves never taking his team to the second round of the playoffs, and after Houston dispatched the Blazers, said legacy has only been magnified, while having an air of “See what we did without you!!!” added to it.

Before we solidify McGrady’s permanent playoff-failure Scarlet Letter, should something else be considered? The fact he went to battle last year against the Utah Jazz without the guy they call “Yo,” I mean, “Yao?”

Lest we forget, Yao was on the shelf — and resting for the Olympics — with a stress fracture in his foot during last year’s playoffs. That’s a pretty important piece to be missing when playing a team with Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer on the roster. Then there’s Ron Artest absence, due to the fact he wasn’t even in Houston last season. McGrady gets blame for not being able to do it all when his team is missing key components, but when a better version of the same team does what he can’t do by himself, his failures are still emphasized.

Maybe it’s just me, but a team with Yao Ming and Ron Artest in the line up, but missing Tracy McGrady is still much better than one with McGrady, but without an injured Yao Ming or not-a-teammate-yet Artest.

Sports Ticker Fun With Tracy McGrady

T-Mac Ticker

As pointed out by 100%InjuryRate over at FanIQ, it appears as if the Houston media isn’t too pleased with Tracy McGrady’s decision to take the next few weeks off so he can rest his surgically-repaired knee.

While the Houston Chronicle’s position is understandable, their use of an injury ticker detailing McGrady’s absence is what makes this story click for me. It’s a funny, if not slightly petty look at T-Mac’s contributions to the Rockets this season, including how much money his injury is costing the team. The ticket also comes complete with a link to an verbal lashing of McGrady from Richard “Buford T” Justice.

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Ron Artest to the Rescue?

Ron Artest

Is this a kinder, gentler Ron Artest we are witnessing? Doubtful … but there is something to be said about last night’s technical foul business against the Mavericks. What we have is Yao getting tangled up with Josh Howard and Ron-Ron running in to actually pull Yao away — after making contact with Howard.

Let’s go to the video:

Where do you stand? Did Artest deserve the technical or was this a case of guilty until proven innocent? I’m thinking no, but does the fact his reputation does proceed him — directly or otherwise. Maybe the refs were simply reacting to the way he ran up to Howard and Kidd, or maybe Reggie’s right: perhaps some latent memories about Ron remain.

Nevertheless, the Rockets beat the Mavs last night and Artest’s 29 point, 7 rebound effort contributed nicely. Is this the start of something beautiful for Ron, or, like a friend texted me last night, is Ron one elbow away from black-out style violence?

NBA Tonight – Is Houston Ready For Liftoff?


A few of us out there eschewed conventional wisdom and picked the Houston Rockets to represent the Western Conference in the NBA Championship, myself included. Hell, I even picked them to win it all, but I think that had as much to do with me not wanting to pick Lakers over whoever like everyone else. Whatever. Kenny Smith agrees with me, by the way.

Yao!!! More Rockets after the jump >>

Bad News For the Houston Rockets

Tracy McGrady

With the NBA preseason beginning on Sunday, now is the time of year where NBA teams are feeling energized and confident. An offseason of recuperation does these things. The offseason is also a time most professional players recover from nagging injuries, either with surgery, rehab or both. Apparently, Tracy McGrady is immune to these therapeutic actions because it’s being reported McGrady is entering training camp with concerns about an arthritic shoulder and his surgically repaired left knee.

More on T-Mac’s injury woes after the jump >>

Ron Artest = Rocket Man

Ron Artest

Welcome to Houston, Ron Artest. How does the idea of being in a starting five that includes Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady strike you? From where I’m standing, it looks like you should be ecstatic because now that you’ve been acquired, your new team now has the makings of being one of the brighter spots in an all-ready brilliant Western Conference.

By sending Bobby Jackson, next year’s first-round draft pick and, in all likelihood, rookie Donte’ Green to the Sacramento Kings for Ron Artest, the Rockets have indeed gotten much better — on paper — but they’ve also put themselves in a position where getting out of the first round should be a requirement. No more “T-Mac can’t get win a playoff series” stuff. If it doesn’t happen after this upcoming season, it’s time to blow the Rockets up and start over, provided another major injury doesn’t occur.

Because of Green’s rookie contract status, the deal won’t be finalized until August 14.

Now, before everyone pencils the Rockets into the Western Conference Finals, here’s a question about Houston’s new and improved NBA team — who starts? Last year, the usual rotation was Yao, Scola or Hayes, Battier, McGrady and Alston. Does Artest become the sixth man or does Rick Adelman shake up the starting five? Further, does this move put the Rockets ahead of teams like the Lakers, Hornets, Jazz and Spurs (who, when all three are healthy, are still one of the best teams around)?

Don’t forget about Dallas, Portland and Phoenix either. Fortunately for Houston, the acquisition of Artest makes them, at the absolute worst, the eighth best team in the Western Conference.