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Posts Tagged ‘Roger Goodell’

Brett Favre Fined $50,000 for Penisgate

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Roger Goodell’s seemingly limitless power to levy fines against football players for transgressions real or imagined continues unabated. It would appear that Goodell is single-handedly bringing the holiday spirit of donating to charity to an unprecedented level – well into the hundreds-of-thousands of dollars. His latest donation of $50,000, made via Brett Favre’s wallet, comes at the conclusion of the much ballyhooed Penisgate.

Brett FavreSecond only in length of time to Brett Favre’s annual on-again off-again retirement drama, the investigation into the alleged sexting incident between Brett Favre and Jenn Sterger has dragged on like a high priced escort working with an ED sufferer. The alleged incident took place more than two years ago while Brett Favre was the quarterback of the New York Jets and Jenn Sterger was a sideline reporter for the team. It appears clear from the outset that Jenn Sterger was a reluctant participant in this salacious Brett Favre scandal story initially brought to light with Deadspin (gratuitous Penisgate photo at the 2:08 mark of the video). There is also little doubt that Brett Favre and his penis were even more embarrassed to have this incident broadcast across the world for all to hear, read, and well, um… see.

Still, Roger Goodell was in the untenable position of not wanting to appear as soft on this alleged violation of the NFL’s personal conduct policy, so he came and came hard by levying the $50,000 fine against the legendary quarterback. While it’s a proverbial drop in the financial bucket for Brett Favre, from my perspective, that’s an awfully steep price to pay for an encounter that didn’t even have a happy ending.

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Brady Quinn’s Fine Is Inconsistent

During the Cleveland Browns’ futile appearance against the Baltimore Ravens, Brady Quinn threw an interception and while he was trying to tackle cornerback Chris Carr, he went low and “cut” linebacker Terrell Suggs, who suffered a badly sprained MCL due to Quinn’s contact. Needless to say, Quinn’s tackle attempt was not well received in the Ravens locker room, nor by Roger Goodell and his band of merry men. In response to Quinn going low on Suggs, the quarterback was fined by the NFL to the tune of $10,000.

Meanwhile, Jay Cutler was recently fined $20,000 for “abusive conduct” towards a referee, while Chad Ochocinco was also docked $20K for his “bribe attempt” of an official when the Bengals played the Ravens a couple of weeks ago.

Is it just me, or are the Ravens always involved in controversial penalties and fines?

Digressions about Baltimore aside, does anyone else find it odd that if you go at a players knees, the resulting fine is actually less than if a player “interferes” with an official? The message handed down by the NFL’s gatekeepers is clear: go after a player’s knees — and indirectly, his livelihood — that’ll cost you, but if you even joke around with the referees, that’ll cost you even more.

This brings up a follow-up question: What’s more important to Goodell and company? Protecting the health of their players — you know, the people that actually make the NFL worth watching — or making sure the officials don’t get harassed?

What’s more detrimental to the game? Losing a very good player to an unnecessary knee injury or protecting the sanctity of the officials? Here’s an even more simple way to approach this, who do fans pay to see when they go to an NFL game? Ed Hochuli and his crew or Terrell Suggs and his teammates put a defensive beatdown on opposing teams? Don’t get me wrong, Hochuli’s arms are impressive, but I don’t see anyone rushing out to buy one of his jerseys.

Maybe the NFL needs to concentrate on making sure their punishments fit the crimes.

Titans Owner Flips Birds at Buffalo’s Bench

I’m not really sure what precipitated this, but Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams had two messages for the Buffalo Bills’ bench after his Titans had secured their third win of the season, and these messages involved birds, flipping, and middle fingers. 86-year-old Adams has since apologized for his finger bombs, saying he was caught up in the moment.

Not only does Adams flash his birds at the Bills bench, he does so in a celebratory method, almost like he’s dancing and his middle fingers are just an extension of his joy. Or disdain for the Bills, if you will.

Oddly enough, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was also in attendance for the game, although, it’s doubtful he was in the luxury box when Adams decided to express himself. Naturally, the NFL’s front office is “investigating” and will undoubtedly have a nice fine for Adams to pay when their investigation is complete. If Ochocinco and Cutler were fined $20 grand for their shenanigans, I would expect the punishment levied at Adams will be a little bit steeper.

Of course, I’m thinking about this logically because to me, owners have just as much responsibility at being respectful as players do. At least players are, you know, actually playing. Adams’ reaction is similar to what college fans do during rivalry games.

Kansas City Chiefs Will Welcome Michael Vick Back

It’s been revealed that Roger Goodell will be allowing Michael Vick to reenter his National Football League in the third week of the regular season. The Philadelphia Eagles will be hosting the Kansas City Chiefs on Vick’s first game back since his incarceration, giving offensive coordinator-embattled Todd Haley with even more to worry about besides the ghost of Jim Johnson and his legacy of incredible blitzing defenses he kindly left behind.

Responding to questions about his decision, Commissioner Goodell indicated Vick has shown the necessary amount of commitment to be trusted with reinstatement.

Goodell said that Vick is “Demonstrating his commitment and will use better judgment going forward. We are looking for a success story here.”

Tyson Jackson, are you ready to earn some of that rookie money when the Eagles unveil their new “gimmick” player? Make sure you keep with your contain assignments, or it could be a long, long afternoon in the City of Mike Vick Love.

Ocho’s Twitter Stream Delivers

Ocho Tweet

Between here and Cincy Jungle, I’ve been on a little kick concerning Chad Ochocinco’s Twitter profile. It’s becoming a thing of legend, and if he keeps using it like he has been, I fear it will be taken from us all too soon. By now, you probably know about Chad’s use of Twitter while the team was at the theater, watching the new GI Joe movie.

Good times were had by all, or not.

More on Ocho’s Twitter obsession after the jump >>

Vick Reinstated

Michael Vick

The True Dirty Bird has been allowed to participate in offseason football drills, thanks to a conditional reinstatement from offices of Roger Goodell. While Vick can take part in training camp exercises and the final two preseason games, it looks like he won’t be allowed back onto a the regular season portion of the field until Week Six. However, he’ll have to re-reinstated before he plays in any of the meaningful games. This means Terrell Owens is going to have to deal with Trent Edwards’ passes longer than he apparently wants to.

One can only imagine the reception folks like PETA will have for Vick when his number is called during the preseason.

TO Wants Vick. Mike Vick.

Terrell “I Eat Quarterbacks” Owens wants Mike Vick in Buffalo. I mean, not much else explains his newfound interest in the ostracized Vick. He’s doing interviews and sending out Tweets explaining his position — that is, Vick has been punished enough and suspending him for the beginning of the season is only overkill. While it’s all well and good to see folks stand up for one another, even if the message is misguided, is TO’s outspokenness anything other than a cry for Buffalo Bills management to bring Vick into the fold?

Apparently, the honeymoon with Trent Edwards lasted all of one training camp session.

Roger Goodell Restructures His Contract

Roger Goodell

Like any good NFL teammate would, Commissioner Roger Goodell has restructured his multiyear contract in order to help his team. Rumor is, Goodell also restructured his contract so his team can sign some defensive help in the form of a big name linebacker or perhaps a cornerback. Hey, Pacman’s available!!! Wait, what?

Of course, Goodell’s reduction in pay is due to the country’s current economic dire straights, an idea Jim Calhoun wants no part of. Not only did the NFL’s Commissioner cut his salary by 20 percent (2.2 million of his $11 million salary), his office announced the league staff has been reduced by 15 percent as well. Again, these layoffs and salary reductions are being done because of the economy, but it also brings up an interesting scenario: If the country’s most popular sport is having a hard time making ends meet, what does it mean for other pro leagues?

It’s all about the economy, brother — after the jump >>