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Reliving That Awesome US Open

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Normally, a performance like the one Rocco Mediate put on at last year’s US Open would be celebrated far and wide. Since the invention of Tiger Woods, however, these types of celebrations have been largely eliminated; especially during Major championships. Even though Mediate didn’t beat Woods, you simply have to admire his “Sorry, Tiger. You are going to have to beat me to win this thing.” approach, not to mention his “F-off. I can wear red, too.” outfit. The lead video features the culmination of Tiger’s huge win, something that took 90 holes to complete.

90 holes of golf, and still no winner.

Of course, were it not for the following putt by Woods, there would’ve been no 19th hole. Instead, Mediate would’ve won and leaving Tiger to face a bitter layoff while he recuperated from knee surgery. Surely, you remember this:

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Tiger’s Incredible Eagle

Well. That was just… f**king brilliant for lack of a better term. Not only was Tiger’s eagle an incredible chip shot, it also made up for a bogey a few holes previous and took him to within one stroke of the lead. Oh, and it would be safe to say it put pressure on the rest of the field — roars for Tiger from the crowd have a way of doing that. As if his eagle didn’t provide enough flair, Woods birdied holes 17 and 18 to give him a one-stroke win over Jim Furyk.

I’m guessing all that talk about Tiger’s demise is over? Furyk, for one, hopes so:

“I just wish you all would just quit [ticking] him off … so he has to come back and keep proving stuff,” Furyk said. “I think he answered a lot of questions today.”

Oh, and look: Tiger’s rounding into form just in time for the US Open. Do we dare hope for a similar ending as last year’s Rocco Mediate/Tiger Woods duel?

Greg Norman? Really?

Greg Norman

In an effort to prove his golf game is as refined as the wine he produces, Greg Norman is attempting a little redemptive “comeback” of his own as he finds himself atop the leaderboard at the British Open. After shooting back-to-back par-70s, Norman also finds himself the sole golfer in the tournament who is not above par. Maybe the Shark was waiting for the Tiger to lay low before he wanted to make himself heard again…

Although, the idea of a Tiger and Shark fighting it out for the rights to the Open championship trophy lends itself to some Discovery Channel/Animal Face-off fun. While he still has two days worth of good golf to deliver, I must say it is nice to hear Greg Norman’s name in again in relation to golf. Let’s just hope he doesn’t choke another Major victory away — provided he’s in position to win.

Directly behind Norman is Camilo Villegas, a Colombian golfer who sits at +1. Behind Villegas is a group of golfers at +2, including Rocco Mediate, Jim Furyk, Ian Poulter and K.J. Choi. Sergio Garcia sits at +5, while Phil Mickelson and John Daly looks like they will be missing the cut with a +10 and a +15, respectively.

Greg Norman

However, all eyes are on the wine-making golfer from Australia. Can he complete the feel good story and capture his first Major victory since the 93 British?

The Open Championship – No Threat of Tigers

Sergio Garcia

The Open Championship, AKA, the British Open is underway today and it looks like Gene Wojciechowski was right about Phil Mickelson. While it looks like Birkdale is playing incredibly tough — currently two players under par — Mickelson’s +9 puts him in the lower half of the field and in danger of missing the cut.

To wit, Mickelson, who some believe is one of the most talented golfers on the tour, is only one stroke better than everybody’s favorite Pillsbury Dough Boy, John Daly. To be fair, Mickelson has already won two events this year and is a great position to be the leader of the Fed Ex Cup standings now that Tiger has shelved it for the remainder of the year. But, his performance in the major tournaments this year has been quite disappointing. While he finished fifth in the Masters, his US Open performance was, well, lacking (for lack of a better term).

With Tiger out of the way, the idea was Phil would rise to the occasion and pick up where Woods left an opening. Unfortunately for Mickelson, his opening +9 was not the best way to say to the world, “I’m the second-best golfer on the planet.” While he may be able to correct his opening-round misfortunes, right now, he’s in a position where making the cut is questionable.

As for your leaders, currently, Adam Scott and Peter Hanson share the lead at one-under par. Behind them are names like Greg Norman, Sergio Garcia, Stuart Appleby and Retief Goosen. These four are either even par or one-over and should be considered as potential winners as the Open progresses towards Sunday’s finish.

As for Tiger, well, I’m sure he’s at home in Orlando with his repaired leg propped up, saying to himself, “Damn, I wish I was out there. Do you see the kind of opening these guys are leaving for someone like me? I’d be running away with this by now.” Or something to that affect.

Update, 12:30 CST:
Your current leaders are Rocco “No Fluke” Mediate, Graeme McDowell, and Adam Scott at one-under par. Behind them, three golfers remain at even par, including Greg Norman. Phil Mickelson is still at 9-over par (his round was complete when I first wrote the post). I’m just sayin’.

US Open: It’s Playoff Time

Tiger and Rocco

As we all know, today’s little round of 18 at Torrey Pines is for all the US Open marbles. After Tiger’s brilliant putt to extend the Open to “overtime,” most probably think momentum is on Tiger’s side. However, if he starts today like he has the last four days — namely with a bogey or double-bogey on the first hole — how can you not like Mediate’s chances?

We’ll be here all day covering it live.

11:30 – Ah, live TV. Well, I’m here and both Rocco and Tiger are finishing up the second hole. Tiger is at even par and Rocco is one stroke over.

11:40 – And on the third hole, the pair swapped their positions. Tiger bogied three while Mediate birdied.

Woods – +1
Mediate – Even

11:42 – Mediate’s drive on four winds up in the left rough — as does Tiger’s. Torrey Pines continues to be unforgiving.

11:50 – However, after a horrid second shot, it appears Tiger’s in a position to save par. As for Mediate, he hit the green in two and is actually putting for birdie but it’s a long one…

Pars all around.

Woods – +1
Mediate – Even

12:00 – Mediate is beefing the fifth hole. Badly. He was shooting from a sand trap and his ball bounced off the cart-path and wound up on the third hole. Is this Tiger’s opening?

12:02 – In other news, that new Tiger/Nike commercial is a tad much — granted it’s the voice of Earl Woods, but still. In other, OTHER, news, the reports of Rocco’s demise were premature. He’s in a position to save par after those horrid first two shots.

Check out Tiger’s new Nike commercial after the jump >>

US Open: All Tiger, All The Time

Go Tiger

When it comes to Eldrick “Tiger” Woods, there’s not much more that can be said, really. It seems like every positive adjective and all the comparative metaphors have been used up. There’s just not much else that I can say when it comes to Tiger Woods. Words like “great” and “excelsior” are commonplace.

Hell, some of us already believe he’s half man, half machine.

However, that doesn’t mean Woods didn’t continue with his astounding ways at the US Open this past weekend. He did. And then some. First off all, there was Saturday’s glorious end to his round. During the last three holes, Tiger bounced a birdie in from the rough (his reaction was golden), saved a long par and the Eagled the 18th hole — all-in-all, a typically normal way to end a golf round. Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention his run-of-the-mill Eagle at 13.

Quick, to the video:

And then we have Sunday evening. After giving his -3 back to Torrey Pines after another tough start to his round, Tiger fluctuated between -1 and even par; his score as he approached the 18th green. The leader in the clubhouse — Rocco Mediate — was sitting at -1 waiting to claim the US Open title as his. For Tiger, after hitting suspect first and second shots on 18th, Woods clubbed his third shot which came to rest 15 feet from the cup with this simple mantra hanging over it:

If you make the putt, you return Monday for an 18-hole playoff. Miss it and you’ve just secured your second second-place finish in a PGA Major this year. How did it turn out, in case you had to ask? Well, thanks to In The Weeds, we have the video to show you how it went down:

The playoff round starts today at 12 Eastern. Who ya got? Tiger or Rocco?