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Ricky Williams Can Still Truck Somebody

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Spike TV’s lovely “Pros Vs Joes” offering has provided some good fodder for highlight segments and this season hasn’t disappointed either. First, we have Leitch’s second appearance and now there’s a quality Ricky Williams sighting, something we haven’t had for some time.

In the upcoming video, everybody’s favorite pot smoker proves there’s still a vast chasm between someone with his undeniable talents and an average cat from the regular society.

Damn dude. If you aren’t going to go for the leg tackle, get the hell out of the way next time. Ricky has made a living, albeit a sporadic one, running defenders over. You have not. I wonder if Parcells got wind of this before it was indicated Williams could still have a place in Miami?

Via SbB

Parcells Keeps Ricky Williams

While he’s busy cleaning out the veritable closet for the Miami Dolphins (coach and GM), Bill Parcells has done something a little unexpected: he’s keeping Ricky Williams around, at least for the 2008 season or until someone accepts a trade offer for Williams’ services. The Miami Herald has more:


Williams’ agent, Leigh Steinberg, wrote in an e-mail to The Miami Herald that Williams received a letter from the Dolphins dated Dec. 31 and signed by Parcells renewing Williams’ contract for 2008.

Steinberg wrote that he will wait until Parcells has a chance to settle in with the Dolphins before contacting him. Steinberg also wrote that Williams is doing well in his rehabilitation from a torn pectoral muscle that ended his 2007 season after six carries against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Nov. 26.

Such a letter would seem to indicate that Parcells wants Williams back next season.

It would seem Ronny Brown’s recovery time played a role in Parcells’ decision to keep Williams on but would an opposing team actually take a chance on him if Brown does come back 100% healthy?

Quick Hitters from Around The Sports World

So Long Ricky, We Barely Knew Thee
Well, that didn’t last long: The Ricky Williams comeback experiment lasted all of six carries… at least for this season. Williams was injured when Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons stepped on his shoulder while chasing after the loose ball, courtesy of Ricky’s fumble. Because of being used as a stepping stone, Ricky will now miss the rest of the season with a torn chest muscle.

I’m guessing the next question on everyone’s mind has to do with whether or not Williams will return to the security he sought when using the illegal plant he is so well known for… that and was Timmons’ liberal use of Ricky’s shoulder as a launching pad intentional or not.

Ricky Williams gets stepped on

BTW, has a video of the incident on their site, but of course, the control freaks that make up the NFL leadership corps doesn’t allow their videos to be embedded. I guess that goes back to that whole 45 second rule that came out during the last off-season.

To again quote the Guinness guys, “BRILLIANT!!!!”

ESPN Doesn’t Think Much of Missouri
It doesn’t look like the Missouri Tigers should even bother showing up to the Big 12 championship game because everyone in the know already has Ohio State penciled in as the likely opponent of West Virginia in the final game of the BCS. ESPN’s Ivan Maisel and Mark Schlabach do not have the Tigers listed as the West Virginia opponent in their bowl projection report, which speculates about the bowl games and which teams will be participating in them.

Instead of the BCS Championship, both writers have Mizzou playing in the AT&T Cotton Bowl against Arkansas, meaning both of them think the Tigers will lose to Oklahoma on Saturday. Apparently, they think as highly of the Big 12 North as I do…

They Don’t Think Much of Sean Taylor Either
Tragedy struck the NFL last night when Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor lost his life after being shot in the leg, which severed his femoral artery, late last night. While this topic is extremely “popular” in the sports blogosphere, some are upset with ESPN’s coverage, or lack thereof. Washington Post scribe Leonard Shapiro took the worldwide leader to task over their potentially disrespectful coverage of the Sean Taylor tragedy:

News of the Taylor shooting first broke in Monday morning drive time. How could ESPN not have rushed a reporter or two to Miami for constant live updates, either from the hospital or outside of Taylor’s home? Surely they must have stringers on call. And Hank Goldberg, ESPN’s frequent on-air NFL analyst and a longtime and well-connected South Florida daily sports talk show host, lives in Miami. Why wasn’t he pressed into immediate service?

This was a huge NFL news story, and we’re not taking a provincial approach on this, either, just because it happens to involve a Washington athlete. If it had been a Hollywood celebrity shooting, don’t you think that CNN and its Headline News service would have interrupted regular programming and offered blanket, minute-by-minute coverage?

Considering how much time ESPN has spent covering the likes of Barry Bonds, Terrell Owens and A-rod, I’m inclined to agree with Shapiro on this. Why wasn’t this senseless event covered with the same verve as TO doing sit-ups in his driveway?