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Surprisingly, this little ditty isn’t making the rounds like I would expect, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t share: apparently some of Miami Heat players like to party with the type of crowd that runs back to their MySpace profile, eager to let everybody on their friends list know they did something “cool,” even if it was playing groupie to some professional athletes.

Such is the case with a post found on MixMakers.net, complete with pictures of Udonis Haslem and Ricky Davis enjoying the company of some MySpace users and their digital camera. The post goes on to mention that one of the girls in the picture “hooked up” with both Davis and Haslem, something she apparently bragged about on her MySpace page.

Try Thinking

As of this posting, I haven’t seen or heard anything corroborating any of these stories–save for the pictures at M2–and they only show the players hanging out… I haven’t seen the MySpace post or page mentioned above and as quickly as these things travel, you’d expect to see this story everywhere and it’s not.

As it stands, it’s becoming more and more apparent a lot of these professional athletes are not real quick when it comes to understanding just how available this information becomes once someone connects their digital camera to the Internet. I would think, as a professional athlete, you’d want to keep yourself out of these types of situations, just like Chris Henry did.