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The Missouri Tiger athletic department apparently needs a lesson in the domain name game. While I was driving home last night, I heard something about this on the 810AM radio station and it’s a pretty silly situation. About seven years ago, some enterprising web user registered the domain missouritigers.com.

Said web user, Richard Lozano of St Louis, went as far to offer the domain to the school for the price of what he paid to register it. Naturally and quite intelligently, Missouri declined. Unwilling to let the domain go fallow, Lozano has maintained an active Missouri fan blog, complete with the “Kitty” logo that’s become a staple of the site.

But guess what? The same school Lozano offered the domain to has hired a licensing company and they, of course, have asked Lozano to relinquish the domain in that familiar RIAA manner, which is litigiously. Remember now, when Lozano first secured the domain, he offered it to Missouri and they declined. Like any good blogger should, Lozano made sure to voice his response to Mizzou’s ham-handed tactics:

“Now I can start researching trademark law, get familiar with the various aspects of laches, fair use, parody, etc., but I’m not interested in any of that. If Mizzou wants this domain name, it’s theirs. I really don’t care. But I’m making this information public so you know a little bit more about who’s running the show at Mizzou. Missouri has a history of cannibalism. They ran Spider off of the sidelines. They yanked the ‘MU’ from the smokestacks. They changed the name to UMC. They threw Norm under the bus. This isn’t a surprising move.”

He goes on to offer the school he supports his terms of surrender while maintaining he’s never had a problem with turning the domain over to the University of Missouri. Lozano’s biggest issue comes from the tactics being used against it.  Considering the fact that he offered it to them from the beginning, maybe the legal strong-arming was completely unnecessary.

As it stands, Lozano is using this image to tell his story and it really does seem fitting.

Fight The Power

Nicely done… and power to the bloggers.