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Posts Tagged ‘Richard Jefferson’

The Spurs Aren’t Done Yet

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Richard Jefferson

Just when you thought it was safe to enjoy professional basketball without all that San Antonio boredom, guess what? The Spurs have heard your complaints and have responded with a hearty, “We don’t care. We are improving our team to make another title run (or two) and you just have to deal with our ‘boring’ style of play.” This particular announcement was made when the Spurs acquired Richard Jefferson from the Milwaukee Bucks in exchange for every expiring contract they had, apparently. While the move does leave the San Antonio front line a little sparse, the move immediately improves the talent level of the starters.

A celebratory gif jump >>

NBA Draft: More Tradewinds

Yi Jianlian
Yi Jianlian is preparing to trade jerseys with the guy behind him

The New Jersey Nets decided they didn’t want to go through today’s NBA Draft hullabaloo without contributing to the headlines. So what did they and the Milwaukee Bucks do? They agreed to swap players — allegedly (I’m adding that in case the trade falls though).

Richard Jefferson for Yi Jianlian, to be exact.

While there’s been no word from the Jefferson camp, apparently, the Yi Jianlian camp is happy to be going to a bigger metropolis with a larger Asian population, a demand/request from Yi’s handlers when he entered the Draft last year. Although, they may not want to get their hopes up about the food in the New Jersey area.

The speculation aspect about this move concerns the Nets trying to acquire LeBron James when he becomes a free agent in 2010.

Weekly Pwnage: Richard Jefferson Dunks On Okafor’s Nose

Man. Those forearms can be lethal. In other news, that will probably be one of the last highlights for the New Jersey Nets as they are set to begin their fishing vacation after tonight’s games come to a close.

Next up for the Nets: the NBA Lottery. Good luck in the Michael Beasley/Derrick Rose sweepstakes. Stranger things have happened when it comes to the NBA Draft.

H/T to Odenized, of course. Who else uploads these awesome NBA videos with such speed?

Weekly Pwnage: Richard Jefferson

What follows after my intro text is a perfect example of the type of thing we look for when it comes to this particular category. In the upcoming vid, New Jersey Net Richard Jefferson and Washington Wizard DeShawn Stevenson decided they would engage in some aerial combat, NBA style. The result is an incredible posterization of RJ, courtesy of Stevenson’s vicious dunk.

This is exactly the type of thing I was thinking of when this little award was created and it’s what make the spectacle of sports so great. The only words of advice I can think to give to Jefferson is something I’ve heard on the basketball court before (being the incredible streetballer that I am): “Don’t jump.”

It’s a wonder Stevenson didn’t catch RJ’s arm and break it. Congratulations Richard, you are this week’s recipient of the Weekly Pwnage award.