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Posts Tagged ‘Rich Brooks’

Kentucky Coaches Slap KU for Fighting

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Rich Brooks Tweet

Rich Brooks thinks fighting between varsity teams for major universities is bullshit, as does John Calipari, but he doesn’t work in this meme. So much so, Brooks is willing to take their combined displeasure to the world of 140 characters worth of madness. While I’m quite used to Brooks’ “no BS” delivery, I’m kind of surprised to see he and Calipari comment on Kansas’ issues in such a public forum. I’m guessing, however, that Brooks could take Mark Mangino in a fight — provided he was willing to outpoint him and not mix it up. As for Calipari, he’s probably still mad about Mario Chalmers’ shot and is using the KU fights as an opportunity to rib Bill Self a little.

Speaking of Mangino and Self, does anyone else find it odd neither coach is publicly disciplining the players involved? While both have said things will be handled internally, no suspensions have been handed down. This includes Tyshawn “Point Plankn” Taylor.

H/t to EDSBS (via SBNation)

The Best Thing To Come Out of Calipari/UK

Calipari and Friends

Have you heard the news? The University of Kentucky and John Calipari might have a mutual interest in one another. If not, a lot of folks got their servers crashed for nothing. While I’m not ready to join the “It’s a done deal” crowd, signs are pointing to yes, Calipari could very well be the new coach in Lexington. In the meantime, folks have been busy with their Photoshop skills, making “Coach Cal in UK gear” images for all to enjoy.

My favorite, however, is an animated gif that gives Orson’s LSUFreek an absolute run for his money. If things work out in Kentucky’s favor, I don’t doubt the action in the upcoming image will be live and in person for all to see this spring. Enjoy. I know I did. A word of warning, however: The image is not safe for non-broadband connections … unless you like waiting for images to load.

Animated Gif awesomeness after the jump >>

Worst Onside Kick Ever

Marcus McClinton

After 3-plus quarters of offensive inefficiency, the Kentucky Wildcats actually found themselves in a position to not lose to Alabama at the end of regulation on Saturday. All Kentucky needed to do to capitalize on their opportunity was recover an onside kick; never the easiest of options, but an option nonetheless.

Enter Lones Seiber, Kentucky’s ex-place kicker, reduced to extra point duties after being replaced by Ryan Tydlacka. Despite his heroics against LSU last season, Seiber has struggled mightily with his kicking duties, hence the relegation to extra points. Despite that, Seiber retained UK’s onside kicking responsibilities, although after the following effort, Rich Brooks is probably rethinking his decision.

The kick in question — the worst onside kick attempt in the history of football — isn’t until the end of the video, around the 2:57 mark:

Did he just bowl the ball like he was attacking a ten-pin? You might, I don’t know, actually try to incorporate a high bounce into your onside kick repertoire next time.

Kentucky Quarterback Dismissed

Curtis Pulley

We’re only 23 days away from the start of college football and in Kentucky, their question about who is going to replace Andre’ Woodson has been answered — just not in the way you’d want if you are a fan of the university (guilty). What was supposed to be a battle between Mike Hartline and Curtis Pulley for starting duties has turned into “Welcome the Mike Hartline Era” because of some brilliant decision making by his would-be competition.

In case you don’t recall the story of Curtis Pulley, it was notable enough to score one point for Orson’s Fulmer Cup. Essentially, he was cited for marijuana possession in June and in July, he was cited for various traffic violations. The brilliant part about Pulley being caught with weed? His head coach didn’t find out about until much later.

Interestingly enough, when Coach Brooks addressed the media about Pulley, he indicated the quarterback was only going to be disciplined for these mistakes, not dismissed. However, according to reports, new information came to light that led to Pulley’s outright dismissal from the University of Kentucky.

For Pulley, this ends what could’ve been a exciting career for the talented player. The summer going into Andre’ Woodson’s breakout junior season, Pulley was actually named the starter ahead of Woodson, only to lose the job in fall practice as Woodson rededicated himself. Pulley missed last season because a redshirt related to academic and personal issues.

You’re up, Mike Hartline.