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Posts Tagged ‘Reebok’

Ochocinco’s Wild Reeboks

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Chad's Reeboks

That there is one half of Chad Ochocinco’s new shoes, courtesy of Reebok’s new ZigTech design. Whatever your feelings on Reebok’s new style, the one thing you can most assuredly say about this particular version is they definitely match Ochocinco’s team colors. Hey, at least he’s not running naked through the woods, right? Of course, considering his reality show and the amount of women followers he has on Twitter, another commercial of a naked Ochocinco in his new ZigTechs probably isn’t a bad idea. If sex sells for men, it’s bound to work on women, too, right? Unfortunately, they won’t be the ones buying these shoes, even if they do get a naked commercial.

Maybe they’ll buy a pair for their men, expecting similar results.

Whatever the case, a hat-tip to Ochocinco’s Facebook page is in order.

Reebok Prepares Us For the John Wall Era

While John Wall’s endorsement contract with Reebok may come as a surprise, seeing how Kentucky was a Nike school, the shoe company already has their first commercial for their John Wall model, powered-by-ZigTech basketball shoe ready to go. Undoubtedly, the advertisement will debut during tonight’s NBA Draft, but thanks to the power of the Internet, the video’s already available.

Reebok’s approach is two-fold: First, they capitalize on the popularity of the John Wall Dance, then they feature an outline of their previous NBA superstar, Allen Iverson, passing the ball, and, metaphorically, the responsibility of being the face of the company, to Wall.

While reaction to the shoe has been mixed, you can bet a ton of Kentucky fans will be lining up to buy their first pair of Reeboks, perhaps ever, all to continue supporting their one-year wonder guard.

H/t to KSR for the find.

Reebok’s Viral Ads are Full of Naked Goodness

Reebok Body
Image is unrelated, save being Reebok. I just like the picture

First, it was Chuck Liddel and his very stacked girlfriend, Holly Northcott, working out in the buff, and now, we have the artist formerly known as Chad Johnson running through the woods with his, well, Johnson hanging out. Naturally, Reebok pixelates all the R-rated stuff, but one’s imagination can fill in the digitized boxes if one chooses to (with Northcott, that’s a big yes).

The common denominator in these naked commercials are the shoes the focal points are wearing, and considering the title of this post, the name should be quite clear. Apparently, these ads are the next step in Reebok’s evolution, one that began in earnest when they introduced the Easy Tone commercial girl (Jessica Felice) into our lives.

Video after the jump >>

Favre Has The Best Selling Jersey

Brett Favre Jerseys

Reebok has released information concerning the best-selling jerseys in the NFL, along with a map showing the proliferation of said jerseys. Not surprisingly, the highest-selling jersey belongs to Brett Favre, however, what I found surprising are the different states expressing their love for Minnesota’s carpetbagger. The fact that Favre has the northern states locked down is not unexpected; although, seeing him having the most popular jersey in a state like Florida is.

In fact, Favre has the most popular jersey in states like Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana (over folks like Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne), Oklahoma, Colorado (over the Broncos), Utah and Nevada.

More on NFL jersey sales after the jump >>

Reebok Enables Ochocinco

Child Please

As Chad Ocho Johnson Cinco embraces the social media craze — Twitter and Ustream are his “drugs” of choice — he’s brought an older catchphrase back into our everyday vernacular: Child, please. These two words pretty much permeate throughout Chad’s current Internet existence. Take these examples… for example:

After the jump >>

Yao’s Olympic Reeboks Are Noticeable

Yao's Reebok

Apparently, these things have been known about since January, but obviously, I missed the memo. Nevertheless, these are the Reeboks Yao will be wearing when Chinese Olympic basketball team begins playing (their first game is against Team USA on August 10).

According to beRecruited, the shoes will sell for $150; however, the distribution of the shoe will vary. In China, Reebok plans on releasing 2008 numbered pairs of Yao’s shoe while the United States and Europe will be receiving non-numbered versions.

Yao’s Reeboks are expected to be available on August 8; two days before they face Kobe, LeBron and company. Speaking of LeBron and Kobe, I’m wondering when/if Nike will reveal their Olympic shoes?

They did do an Olympic shoe for Jordan so it would stand to reason they won’t take the Yao/Reebok release without offering something of their own.

Packers Fans Aren’t Smart Shoppers

Packers CapA yellow and white Green Bay Packers knit cap is THE hot item on Christmas lists throughout Wisconsin, and like most American consumers, the desire to possess this item far outweighs things like shopper’s remorse and in some cases, common sense. I’m not sure what it is about this time of year when it comes to shopping sense, but as people get wind of an item becoming popular, more and more people start to want it and the harder it is to get, the harder people try to get it.

Such is the case of the aforementioned Packers cap, which is made by Reebok, the official NFL partner for all things related to attire. As its popularity increased (and availability decreases), Packers fans went through some pretty extreme measures to secure the cap, including turning to eBay.

Of course, once they get on eBay, they find the item is going for a little more than the retail price of $17.95. Currently, there are a number of them available for bidding, but the prices have already exceeded what you would normally pay… There’s even one with a “Buy it Now” option but the asking price is $99. If you’d rather, you know, wait it out, there is a 5-6 week delay before the item is shipped, meaning it won’t be home for Christmas, sadly enough.

If this is what happens when Brett Favre wears something on the sideline (one of the main reasons for the cap’s popularity), if I was Reebok, I’d have him model everything in my inventory.

Can Packers fans show some restraint or will they follow in footsteps of the folks who pay thousands of dollars for Xbox 360s and Buzz Lightyear dolls? Whatever the outcome, at least the Packers nation can take solace in the fact their fellow fans can dance:

See what I mean? Hat-tip to Busted Coverage for the find.