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Players: Top 10 NFL Lockout Money Saving Ideas

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It is a bad economy and the NFL Lockout is a foregone conclusion.  Despite the allegation of “progress” leading to this extension period, it’s very important that these NFL players take a long look at their budgets and find ways to both cut back and supplement their incomes during a prolonged NFL lockout.

With that in mind, I offer the NFL players my Top 10 NFL Lockout Money-Saving Ideas to help them manage through this difficult time.

Champagne tastes on a lockout budget?

Time to lay off of the Cristal for a while. Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante is at least 90% cheaper than the least expensive bottle of Cristal and you’ll still get just as trashed.

Lay-off the Posse.

Dudes, you know these guys are just hangers-on who are livin’ large off your hard work. You’ve seen how it’s done during the summer. It’s time to trim that roster down to say, oh… 53-men, just like NFL cuts. That’s still way more than enough lip-service telling you how great you are, how “you da’man” with a big grin and their hands out. Lose the entourage. You have enough mouths to feed with all of those children you’ve left in your wake.

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NFL GMs: Character Issues Double-Standard

I’ve often wondered why some NFL General Managers choose to take a “holier than thou” approach to selecting hot college football talent when draft day rolls around.  For many, there is an apparent double-standard when it comes to character issues.  Once you’re in the league, character issues generally result in hand-slaps, a mild pilfering of a player’s bank account, and repeated chances to become a better citizen.  However, you have to get into the league first in order to get that sort of treatment.  So, should NFL General Managers just disregard character issues with the hot college prospects?  I believe so.

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Memo To Ray Lewis: Blame Joe Flacco Too

Joe Flacco

Yes, Ray Lewis, you and your defense might have been the victim of some questionable roughing the passer calls, but that’s not the only reason your Ravens lost to the Bengals. If not for Joe Flacco’s poor performance, who knows? Maybe those calls wouldn’t have impacted the outcome of the game. Multiple interceptions have a way of ruining the best-laid plans.

You know, like this one:

Nice blast from Adam Jones on Ray Rice, too.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think four interceptions against any team provides the easiest road to victory. There was only one drive — the touchdown drive in the third quarter — where Flacco looked like a Super Bowl-capable quarterback. The rest of the game? Not so much.

So while the calls might piss you off, Ray, your quarterback didn’t do a damn thing to help your cause, either.

Maybe Dustin Keller Owed Ray Lewis Money?

Ray Lewis

Or maybe, opposing coaches should think twice before trying to fire up one of the best defensive players the NFL has ever seen. I wonder how much Dustin Keller enjoys his coach doing all that talking when he has to take those kinds of hits. Whatever the case, Ray Lewis absolutely destroyed Keller in the closing moments of the game last night, as the New York Jets were trying to get into position for a game-winning field goal.

Clearly, Lewis wasn’t hearing any of that and decided to take matters into his own hands — or onto his shoulders, if you will. And it was that same shoulder that absolutely blasted Keller, putting the Jets in a do-or-die fourth down.

Oddly enough, the game essentially ended when Keller caught Mark Sanchez’ fourth down pass and stepped out of bounds BEFORE the first down marker. Maybe he was still feeling the cobwebs from Lewis’ blast.

After the jump, we have animated gifs and video of Lewis’ devastation. Good times.

Ray Lewis blasts Justin Keller >>

Ray Lewis’ Swagger Has No Time For Jets

Ray Lewis
Love this shot of Ray

Ray Lewis has had about enough of folks talking up the New York Jets like they’re defending Super Bowl champs. Can you blame him?

It’s safe to say that, when Monday night’s game between the Jets and Ravens kicks off, it will be officially on.

Lewis’ beef, besides simple Jets overexposure, comes from some comments Rex Ryan made about the Baltimore defense, including Lewis’ play-calling ability. As for Ryan, he, of course, welcomes Lewis’ comments:

“I’m laughing. I think it’s great. That’s good. I don’t care one way or the other. We don’t have to sneak up on people to tell them what we think. We expect to have a great football team, we expect to win, we go into every football game expecting to win, and if that’s ‘cashing a check’ and all that other kind of stuff, then so be it. Sounds like we got under Ray’s nerves, but we’re not here to sneak up on anybody. We’re just here to play them.”

Gonna be some hittin’ on Monday night, and I can’t wait. If we’re lucky, Lewis will shut all the Jets talk up for a week or so.

Ray Lewis, Does Old Spice, Rides Ravens

Ray Lewis

If you didn’t know it was football season, seeing Ray Lewis coming out of the shower, covered in soap suds should clue you in. What other time of year would he show up in such a commercial? Or any commercial, for that matter?

Speaking of the Baltimore Ravens, does anyone else find it odd that, despite the issues with the secondary, they’re a popular pick to make the Super Bowl?

Ray Lewis Will Decapitate You

Chad Ochocinco Helmet

Oh yeah, the Cincinnati Bengals are for real. Just ask the Baltimore Ravens. Ask them about Cedric Benson or Andre Caldwell. While you are at it, ask Ray Lewis whether trying to take Chad Ochocinco’s head off is worth a 15-yard penalty, one that undoubtedly helped the Bengals on their game-winning drive. While the play looked cool and pretty vicious, it didn’t help the Ravens or their cause whatsoever.

After the jump, we’ve got an animated gif of the play, courtesy of KSK.

The jump >>

Ray Lewis Isn’t A Fan of the Tom Brady Rule

Ole Ray-Ray was in a mood after his Baltimore Ravens lost to the New England Patriots, so much, in fact, he threw down is best Krazee-Eyes Killah impersonation to make his point about the level of over-protection afforded to NFL quarterbacks, namely, Tom Brady. Lewis’ ire comes from two personal foul calls made against Ravens defenders for apparently getting too close to Brady. Shutdown Corner has the description:

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