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Posts Tagged ‘Rajon Rondo’

How To Dominate A Game Without Being A Shooter

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Rajon Rondo

Courtesy of Rajon Rondo.

How does a guy who only scored four points (on 2-9 shooting, no less), dominate an NBA basketball game, when scoring points is always at a premium? By facilitating the rest of your team and enhancing their scoring chances. Oh, and making Shaquille O’Neal look like a reasonable facsimile of his former, dunk-on-everybody self? That helps too. Rondo’s game is sublime, but incredibly deadly. If you’re expecting him to drop 35 in eye-popping, Kevin Durant fashion, you’ll probably be disappointed.

But if you want to watch a player make everybody on his team better, Rajon Rondo is clearly the man for you. When you can put what essentially amounts to 34 points on the board without taking one shot, you’re a dominant player.

Instead of harping on a Miami team comprised of new pieces that haven’t played together because of preseason injuries, I’d rather enjoy the play of a point guard who doesn’t have to score to beat opponents.

Young NBA Greats Relive Air Jordan Moments

Rajon Rondo

Sony’s Sports 2K series, while perhaps not getting the same unconditional love as EA Sports, has been producing quality sports games. Unfortunately, their catalog no longer includes the NFL, thanks to the EA’s exclusive deal, but that hasn’t stopped from making great NBA simulations. Thanks to a special, highly-coveted guest start, this year’s NBA 2K11 looks like they’ve upped the ante by including perhaps the best, most famous basketball player ever.

I am, of course, talking about Michael Jeffrey Jordan. The inclusion of the man, they myth, is, from Sony’s perspective, the natural evolution of their brand. Simply put, you get to play as Michael Jordan, reliving some of his greatest on-the-court accomplishments, among other options.

If I’m not mistaken, Jordan will also be available as a rookie to be drafted, meaning you can mold his career how and on whatever franchise you see fit.

Now, something so cool — I bought a PS3 pretty much for this game — doesn’t really need a lot of publicity or marketing campaigns to attract the masses. With Jordan on the cover, the thing will sell itself. That, however, didn’t stop them from creating an awesome commercial, featuring the NBA’s new breed playing, enjoying, and reminiscing about their favorite Jordan moves.

We have Derrick Rose baking a Jordan cake, Rajon Rondo washing windows, while Andre Iguodala Josh Smith and Russell Westbrook join in from the couch. What follows? Well, see for yourself:

I, for one, am impatiently biding my time until October 5. Watch out, too, because if I’m not careful, I’ll have Michael Jordan playing for that new pro team in Lexington — the Kentucky Wildcats: NBA Edition.

H/t to YBB for the find.

Bad News, Celtics Fans

Rajon Rondo

Apparently, the folks at Sports Illustrated are tired of the Boston Celtics’ surprising playoff run, and have decided to take matters into their own hands: Put the Celtics best playoff player on the cover. Welcome to the SI Jinx, Rajon Rondo. Judging by last night’s less-than-stellar performance (9 points [3-10 from the field], 8 assists), SI’s considerable influence may have already kicked in.

Game 5 and 6 (if necessary) will tell the entire whole story, but after last night, Celtics fans have to be a little concerned.

H/t to KSR for the find.

Rondo Yacks LeBron. Again.

Rajon and LeBron

While Rajon Rondo’s freeze of LeBron James last night wasn’t as severe as the breakaway behind-the-back pass, it was much more sublime and it also happened in a half-court set, instead of fast break; making it the more superior move, at least to me. Yes, the Tony Allen pass was more flashy, but the move I’m talking about was just as deadly. Anytime you make a move that allows you to split two defenders — one of them being LeBron James — and gives you a clear path to a layup, I’m just as, if not more impressed.

Again, the play I’m referring to happened in a half-court set, making the degree of difficulty that much more; especially when you consider just how much attention Rondo was getting from Cavaliers defenders.

Highlight of said yacking after the jump >>

LeBron Rejects Rondo (Damn)

Cleveland lost, but man, LeBron is just a freak. Question: Is LeBron the best non-big man shot blocker, maybe ever? After corralling four blocks last night, including another breakaway denial of Ray Allen, it’s becoming a point worth making. His timing, paired with his obscene athleticism, makes him almost a perfect defender of the rim, especially on break out plays when James has time to track you down from behind. Unfortunately for James, his four blocks didn’t do much to derail the Celtics. In fact, for a large portion of the second half, James looked like the only Cavalier who deserved to be on the floor. Shaq looks old, Moe Williams looks average and the rest of James’ teammates look downright forgettable. Granted, this one was only one game, but I just don’t see LeBron being happy having to carry his team again over an entire season, only to give it all away in the playoffs.

His talent level gives him the ability to haul his team to a winning record, but to win rings in the NBA, you need more than just one superstud.

LeBron blocks Ray Allen after the jump >>

LeBron James, Still Blocking Shots

King James is making plays like these a habit. Just ask Rajon Rondo. These plays also serve as reminder that the NBA starts its regular season next Tuesday. In other news, is LeBron the best shot-blocking non-big man in the league? How about, perhaps ever?


Air Rondo?

Who knew Rajon Rondo had hops like this? I did, and I’m sure Celtics fans knew as well, but did the rest of the general public who didn’t watch Rondo’s dunk as a freshman at Kentucky? One thing’s for sure: if they didn’t before, fans, and now the Orlando Magic, know Rondo has mad hops and isn’t afraid to put it down when the opportunity arises. As for the game, the Celtics point guard led his energized team with a gaudy triple double (15, 11, 18 assists) as Boston evened the series at one-game a piece.

More on the Celtics, including Eddie House, after the jump >>

Where Air Balled Free Throws Happen

Having watched Rajon Rondo since his freshman year at Kentucky, I’m well aware of his away-from-the-rim shooting woes. Because of his freakishly-long fingers, the Celtics point guard has never had the prettiest form. Granted, he’s improved his free throw shooting since he was in college (from mid 50 percent to the mid-to-high 60s — it still needs to be higher for a starting point guard), but every so often, we learn old habits die hard; or they can come back to bite you in the form of shooting an air ball from the free throw line.

More on Rondo’s rough night after the jump >>