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Roger Goodell

The NFL is having a little get together today and we’re all going to get drafted. Or not. Who will your team pick? Will said pick make it or break it while holding the reputation of your team’s scouting efforts in the palms of their newly drafted hands? Well, that’s why we’re here.

We’ll be back when the Draft starts to giving a sounding board plus all the reactions you can handle. Stay tuned. I truly hope your team doesn’t go the Tony Mandarich/Ryan Leaf route.

11:11 (CST) – We’re still about three hours from hearing Goodell call Jake Long’s name and I’ve already seen the Nike Sparq commercial three or four times. The over/under on the total number of times it’s played during anything related to the Draft on ESPN: 1 billion.

11:15 – Did Cris Carter call Vernon Gholston the best athlete at pass rusher because they share Ohio State lineage?

1:40 – After some cleaning, we’re back for the Draft. Here’s the suspected order:

Miamuh – Jake Long
St Louie – Chris Long
Hotlanta – Matt Ryan
Oaktown – Darren McFadden

We shall see.

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