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Posts Tagged ‘Pwnage’

Tiger Can Still Golf, BTW

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Now that he’s a famous NBA fence-rider, and due to the fact that he’s “struggled” since his return from knee surgery, perhaps Woods thought today was a good time to remind folks he still has considerable golf skills, just in time for a couple of golfing events of significance: The Memorial and the US Open. What we have is Tiger, Jack Nicklaus, Kenny Perry and Stewart Cink playing in today’s Memorial Skins Challenge. First, Tiger hits a putt causing the remaining skins to carryover to a “closest to the hole” chipping competition, winner take all.

And what, exactly, do you think happened?

If you said, “Woods will knock his chip directly in the whole with a smile on his face, making it look far easier than it is” then collect your winnings — provided Tiger didn’t take them all with that nasty chip shot. After seeing that, do you think his odds for winning the Memorial or the Open (or both) suddenly increased?

H/t to Awful Announcing for the video and such.

Where Denver ***** Slaps The Hornets Happens

And in other news, the NBA’s official site now has embeddable videos; however, we’re still waiting for the MLB and NFL to catch up with this whole online video thing. Speaking of, the lead video is of Kenyon Martin and his dunk that essentially opened the game, not to mention the absolute can of, well, whoop-ass the Nuggets poured all over the Hornets. 58 point whippings? Was this game played on a Playstation — you know, where the young kids beat the hell out of adults who have no business playing video games against “we play all the time” competition?

The last time anyone saw such an NBA Playoff beatdown was in 1956; and until last night’s 121-63 bust, that was the only time such a lopsided win was recorded.

More Hornets misery after the jump >>

Girls Soccer is Rough, Too

While a great deal United States views soccer/football/futbol as the least desirable of sports — apparently, the idea is it’s not a “tough” sport, that, and it’s apparently boring to watch — there are tons of video providing many reasons to enjoy it, while dispelling the “non-contact” misconception. Not only that, but like this Break video indicates, girls’ soccer is not the most friendly affair either. Apparently, the defender didn’t appreciate the way her opponent was blocking her off the ball.

Oh, and the forward’s turn towards the defender as the ball went out of bounds might not have helped matters either.

Perry Stevenson Posterizes the NIT

Perry Stevenson

Yes, because of Kentucky’s subpar season, I’ve been reduced to watching the NIT. Thankfully, Perry Stevenson helped make last night’s game against UNLV a little more special with a vicious dunk over a helpless Rebel trying to take a charge. Advantage, Stevenson. Bonus: The below video also has footage of Kentucky’s dancing machine, so there’s a little something for everyone.

I feel like dusting off my Bill Raftery with a “SEND IT IN, PERRY!!!” For those of you at all concerned about NIT results, Kentucky wound up beating the Rebels, 70-60. The Wildcats get the winner of the Creighton/Bowling Green game.

LeBron Says “No 360s” to J-Rich

A quick break from the March Insanity (thanks again, Syracuse and UConn) for some NBA action:

Some folks are calling for the foul here. Whatever. I’ll simply call it what my first reaction told me — one of the best blocks I’ve ever seen. Did LeBron get Jason Richardson across the wrist? From where I’m watching (and I watched that block a dozen times already this morning), if he did, it was not a blatant or obvious as some other folks are making it out to be.

LeBron Block

More on LeBron’s block after the jump >>

Chris Paul Goes Between Jason Terry

In order for New Orleans to get their sixth win in a row last night, the Hornets had to go through the Dallas Mavericks. Apparently, Chris Paul took that advice to heart, so he demonstrated what he learned as he went around Jason Terry in the open court, courtesy of a filthy between-the-legs dribble. Not his own, however. He dribbled through Jason Terry’s.

Just another day on the job for Paul, who finished with 27 points, 15 assists (accounting for at least 57 of New Orleans’ 104 points). As for the Hornets, after last night’s win, they are now two games back of the overall second seed for the Western Conference playoffs, trailing only Denver and San Antonio. Of course, the Lakers have the overall lead by almost nine games. Don’t see any of those three teams catching Kobe and the Gang.

However, the idea of a New Orleans/Los Angeles conference final does sound incredibly appetizing (no offense to the Nuggets or the Spurs).

Friday Fun: “Real” Martial Arts Vs Real MMA

Judging by the YouTube views, it’s safe to say some of you have seen this video before, but if not, it’s worth the time. What we have is a Kiai Master — the yell you give before a strike — who apparently has a high midi-chlorian count because in the preview portion of the video, it shows the Master striking his opponents without touching them. Yeah, the guy is billing himself as a black-belt Yoda. Anyway, Kiai Master de jour issues a challenge to any MMA fighter, saying if he can be beaten, he’ll pay the fighter $5000.

Bad decision.

Apparently, his version of the Force was no match for a solid fist to the face, nor the knee that followed. In fact, the look of surprise on the Master’s face when he gets hit the first time is similar to White Goodman: “Nobody makes me bleed my own blood, NOBODY!!!”

H/t to MMA Scraps for the find. Just in time for UFC 96, too.

Basketball Rims Are Bad For Your Face

This happened during halftime of the Pistons/Hornets game last night, making the Rasheed Wallace Throws A Towel evening even more entertaining. It looks like the guy is OK, making the laughs and “Oh damn” reactions easier to live with. There’s even a moment of Rasheed throwing his towel in for the evening at the end of the video, meaning it has all of the important storylines covered. How about those Pistons? Last night was their eight loss in a row and it put them below the .500 mark for the first time — this late in the season, anyway — in a long, long time.

Are there any wins for the Pistons in sight? Which is worse, dunking your face on the rim or free-falling like the Pistons?

H/t to BDL for the find.