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Posts Tagged ‘President Obama’

Barack-etology, Now With Video

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Obama and Andy Katz

Earlier today, we mentioned President Obama’s Final Four — KU, UK, Villanova, K-State — and now, thanks to ESPN not blocking YouTube’s embed function, we have video!!! Huzzahs and other celebratory exclamations!!!

In his bracket, President Obama’s biggest upset is Cornell over Temple, something that should make Jay Bilas pretty happy.

Obama’s Final Four

Obama's Final Four

Much like the presidents of past generations would take to the radio airwaves for weekly broadcasts, it appears as if President Obama has created something of a tradition in relation to the Final Four. Thanks to the buzz he received picking last year’s bracket, not to mention the fact that he got the National Champions correct, we now have an annual unveiling on our hands. Obama’s bracket segment on ESPN doesn’t air until this afternoon, but the WWL was kind enough to release the President’s Final Four. Somebody get the chalk ready:

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No, Obama Did Not Jinx UK

Eric Bledsoe

Dear Kentucky fans,

Barrack Obama did NOT jinx your beloved Wildcats yesterday with his congratulatory phone call for the team’s efforts with Haitian relief. I know letting your disappointment from last night’s loss manifest itself into Obama-blaming is the vogue thing to do, but please, lets show a little bit of common sense before going off on such tangents.

Did memories somehow become shorter? Or did North Carolina, you know, the team Obama picked to win the National Championship last season, have their championship taken away? Did his support somehow create a “you lost even though you won” type of jinx?

Considering the levels of abject disapproval for the current President — warranted and/or tea-bagger-created — it wouldn’t be surprising if these kinds of thoughts actually existed.

No, instead of projecting blame onto the idea of something, why not try placing it directly where it belongs: The missed layups by Darnell Dodson and Eric Bledsoe. Patrick Patterson’s second half disappearing act. Having only three players — John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins and Eric Bledsoe — score in the second half. Getting outrebounded by an SEC team who ranks dead last in the conference for rebounding margin.

Any of those will do, because that’s not the way a newly-minted number one team is supposed to play.

Oh, the inability to at least SLOW DOWN Devan Downey might be a contributing factor as well. In fact, if Obama does get any blame whatsoever; I mean, I’m sure his call did go the teams’ head, the level he receives is minuscule when compared to the rest of the contributing factors.


Your friends at Intentional Foul.

Obama Likes Basketball, Beer


Last Friday night, the Commander in Chief/basketball/beer lover Obama attended the Washington Wizards/Chicago Bulls game in Washington, where he watched his Bulls get pasted by the lowly Wiz, 113-90. While he was there, President Obama received a standing ovation from everyone, including the players, discussed world events with future leaders, enjoyed the view of a Wizards cheerleader and drank some beer. In other words, he was just like a normal basketball fan. Pictures of his attendance are here, with a H/T to Mr. Irrelevant for the find.

The fact President Obama went to the game is commendable. The fact that he stayed to watch a team like the Wizards beat his Chicago Bulls proves he has the patience and self control for world leadership.