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Posts Tagged ‘Preparing for Football’

Ndamukong Suh: Headhunter

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I’m not sure what sparked such a reaction from the prized rookie of the Detroit Lions, but apparently, preseason double teams are not something Ndamukong Suh enjoys; and God help your quarterback if Suh gets through because he might just tear his head off. Just ask Jake Delhomme.

While Suh’s reaction to Delhomme’s head and helmet was a bit surprising, and kind of awesome, the best part of the video was watching Delhomme react like this:

Jake Delhomme

Although, that could be from the fact that he’s now playing in Cleveland.

Sam Bradford Looked Pretty Damn Sharp

Sam Bradford

In his first start as an NFL quarterback for the St Louis Rams, whatever tests he had to take, Sam Bradford passed them, and he did so with flying colors, to the tune of completing 15 of 22 passes for 189 yards and two touchdowns. His play garnered a QB rating of 125.0. With that in mind, perhaps all of the pundits should have the same excited perspective — if only for one game — concering Bradford’s performance, if, for nothing else, the lack of big-time talent around him at the skill positions (Steven Jackson notwithstanding).

That being said, the preseason grain of salt is still in effect hear, no matter how glowing a report Bradford sees. Nevertheless, with the Rams having issues at almost every position on offense, especially the offensive line — they surrendered 44 sacks last season — Bradford’s play against the New England Patriots, who were using their first-team defense, was eye-opening.

Video and more praise after the jump >>

The Real Reason Favre Returned

Favre Dollars

Was it the disappointment in the interception against New Orleans? Was it the allure of being around his teammates again? Was it his desire to play like a kid again? None of the above. The reason Brett Favre returned to Minnesota, a return that was done completely on Favre’s schedule and not the Minnesota Vikings’, must be money. Perhaps that’s easy to scoff at, but once you understand just how much of a raise Favre stands to receive, it shouldn’t be.

ProFootballTalk has the details:

Per a league source, Vikings quarterback Brett Favre got his new contract on Monday. He received a signing bonus of $4.4 million, and he reduced his base salary from $13 million to $11.6 million… Favre also is eligible to earn $4 million in incentives, which allows him to make up to $20 million in 2010.

If the Vikings are anywhere near as good as they were last season, Favre should reach those incentives, especially if they are performance-based, fairly easily. Even if he doesn’t, he still stands to earn $16 million for the 2010 season, and a number like that is reason enough for most people to leave their palatial confines of their Hattiesburg, Mississippi compound.

Especially if they don’t have to attend training camp.

Patrick Willis Welcomes Brett Favre Back

Favre Sacked

Brett Favre made his preseason debut this past weekend against the San Francisco 49ers, and even though he was only in the game for only four offensive plays, it’s safe to say Favre will remember his first game back, thanks in large part to 49ers linebacker, Patrick Willis. The 49ers are getting a lot of love as NFC West favorites, and if their defense is any indication, there might be truth to those rumors. Granted, it’s hard to take anything from preseason games, so let’s just enjoy the highlight:

One could look at the hit as a karmic payback for Favre’s “make me feel wanted, while giving me lots more money” actions. In fact, I think it’s the preferable way to interpret Willis’ Favre smash.

Terrell Owens Writes Promissory Note To Bengals Fans

Terrell Owens

Say what you will about Terrell Owens, most of it earned, no doubt, but he’s trying hard to be a fan-favorite for the Cincinnati Bengals, the fifth team of his career. Besides saying all the right things, except, perhaps, that stuff about Dallas — he was being honest, conversely — a love-letter from Owens to Bengals fans appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer, thanking his new TEAM for the support they’ve given thus far, as well as talking of Super Bowl glory.

There’s also a moment of introspection for the one they call T.O.:

With my “me against the world” mentality as a young man, I’ve learned that life can be more challenging but I’ve matured.

Of course, the surest way to impress both the fans and the new establishment quickly is to make plays. Catch (the key word here, I think we can all agree) touchdowns, block well for your promising running game, and be — *gasp* — a beacon of light and knowledge in a locker-room full of talented newcomers.

Perhaps that last one is snicker-inducing, but if he follows the parameters he put in his letter, it’s not too much to ask; but if it is, then asking him not to become a cancer, especially if Jordan Shipley gets Wes Welker-like attention from Carson Palmer, isn’t.

Aside: Shipley can get open and catch just about every ball thrown near him, and with the Ochocinco/Owens bookends on the field, Shipley (and Jermaine Gresham) are going to have a lot of room to work with.

Now we get to see if Owens is a man of his word.

C.J. Spiller Looks Ready For The Season

C.J. Spiller

In just about every NFL season, there’s a rookie who comes in and makes the league take notice. Names like Randy Moss, Ben Roethlisberger, Terrell Suggs, Calvin Johnson, Jerod Mayo, and Matt Ryan immediately come to mind. Thanks to a nifty little run from Buffalo Bills rookie, C.J. Spiller, we now have a strong nominee for the 2010 season. Spiller showed why he’s bubbling over with break-out potential against the Indianapolis Colts, when he unleashed a 31-yard touchdown run, one that carved up the Colts’ d-line and the supporting cast behind them.

Spiller’s run demonstrated his superior balance, his ability to change direction on a dime, and simply-put, his ability to make defenders miss. The result: Touchdown Buffalo, which undoubtedly rang like sweet music to the ears of Bills fans. It looked pretty sweet, too:

The question I have is, do the Bills have enough additional talent around Spiller, which would prevent opposing defenses from loading the box, with ideas of taking away the running game? That remains to be seen, but Trent Edwards didn’t look bad at all either. Of course, Edwards’ (and Spiller’s) performances could very easily be chalked up to “It’s only preseason,” especially with Edwards.

Nevertheless, the ability and potential Spiller showed on his touchdown run should give Bills fans plenty to salivate about, at least until the season starts. Then they can worry about the rest of the talent surrounding him.

The New Spokesperson For Safe, Responsible Sex

By now, you’ve probably heard about New York Jets defensive back Antonio Cromartie, he of the eight children by seven different women, and his attempt to name all of his crotch fruit on HBO’s Hard Knocks. If not, watch and laugh. Understand something, I’m quite serious about Cromartie’s role as a, if not THE, spokesperson for safe, protected sex; because if you don’t, you might find yourself on HBO, struggling to remember all their names, clearly looking like an irresponsible athlete who’d rather spread their seed to all who are willing.

In case you forgot, Cromartie had to ask for an advance from the Jets in order to square his child support bills.

So yeah, the motto for the Antonio Cromartie/Safe Sex/Responsible Parenthood campaign has to be something like this: “Don’t Do What I Did: Use a Condom. Trust me, struggling to remember the names of your various children is hard work.” The acronym excites me: DDWIDUACTMS2RNVCHW, or DDWID for short.

I’d definitely wear it if it was available as a Livestrong/WWJD-type of bracelet.

H/t to, well, everyone who posted the video, starting with Robert Littal of Black Sports Online.

BFF Has a New Meaning Now

Favre 4

I was perusing YouTube, looking for amusing Brett Favre videos — ones that have been uploaded recently — and I stumbled upon a new use for the acronym “BFF,” which, as far as I know, normally stands for “Best Friends Forever.” The phrase (or whatever the hell you want to call it) is primarily used by English-language-destroying teenage girls who text incessantly; but thanks to YouTube commentators, I now realize there’s a new meaning for BFF, and considering the hold he has on the sports world right now, the meaning’s much more accurate:

Brett Favre Forever.

If there was ever a more appropriate, timely alteration of an annoying “catch-acronym,” I haven’t seen it. Speaking of YouTube videos about Favre, and head-shaking abbreviations aside, it was hard not enjoy Tedy Bruschi going the hell off on the Favre circus:

Despite Bruschi’s misgivings; shared by a large portion of the sports population, no doubt, it’s easy to see this time of year — the run-up between preseason and regular season football — clearly belongs to Brett Favre.