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Posts Tagged ‘Player of the Year’

It’s Evan Turner’s World

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Evan Turner

Whether Evan Turner was dunking his head off, or beating Michigan with 1/4-court last second shots, or recovering from an early-season broken back to lead Ohio State to the Big Ten title, one thing’s pretty clear: While a lot of people were busy doing the John Wall Dance, college basketball was moving the sounds of Evan Turner and his successful Player of the Year campaign. For his efforts, Turner averaged 20 points, a hair under six assists and almost 10 rebounds a game, all while being Thad Matta’s primary playmaker for the Buckeyes’ offensive possessions.

Keep in mind that, as the primary ball-handler, Turner’s height is listed as 6-7.

Sounds like someone’s been attending “The Scottie Pippen School of Effective Basketball,” because the Villain’s game is awfully similar. Of course, playing along side a Michael Jordan only helped make Pippen greater, and it’s doubtful Turner will get to be paired with such an awesome basketball specimen, unless the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Miami Heat somehow wind up with a top three pick in the NBA draft.

Turner’s Player of the Year award was won in a landslide fashion. While John Wall was considered to be Turner’s primary competition, when the final voting was tallied, Turner received 54 votes (out of 65) to Wall’s nine. Of course, Wall is poised to be the overall top draft pick, so I think he’ll be OK with not winning the award.

After the jump, some video of Turner’s amazing exploits >>

Evan Turner Is Simply Fantastic

Evan Turner

Words fail when it come to describing what Evan Turner did to end the Michigan/Ohio State game. “Bad defense on Michigan’s part” might come to mind, but you still have to make the shot.

And Turner did. In fine style.

Obviously, I’m a John Wall lover, but Evan Turner = Player of the Year. And that shot was his exclamation point.

Evan Turner Dunks His Head Off

Evan Turner

Apparently, Evan Turner can dunk so hard, he takes his own head off.

(Image via)

Scottie Reynolds Deserves Mention, Too

Over at Sports Untapped, I’m discussing whether or not Villanova’s Scottie Reynolds deserves Player of the Year nods. Considering his body of work, it’s hard to deny he’s every bit as valuable as John Wall or Evan Turner. While those two might become better NBA players than Reynolds, the PoY award doesn’t go to the player that will be the best NBA player. It goes to the most effective, valuable player in college basketball.

Just ask Jay Wright where Reynolds fits in such a picture.

Blake Griffin Is AP’s Player of the Year

Blake Griffin has been named AP’s college basketball Player of the Year, and in other news, grass is somehow green, the sky is a mysterious color — I think it’s called sky-blue, water is, for some reason, wet and the sun rises in the east. The AP described Griffin’s winning margin as “runaway,” which is fitting considering the Oklahoma forward received 66 of the 71 first place votes. As a comparison, North Carolina’s Tyler Hansbrough and Pitt’s DeJuan Blair both received two.

I’m not sure who got the final first place vote; although, Ty Lawson is about the only player that could be argued here.

In other AP _______ of the Year news, Kansas coach Bill Self received AP’s award for coaching excellence. Self led his rebuilt team to the Sweet 16 a year after winning the National Championship. While the AP’s result is solid, perhaps LSU’s Trent Johnson should’ve received a closer look.

Blake Griffin Out Against Kansas

The front-runner for the Wooden Award — Blake Griffin — will miss tonight’s game against the Kansas Jayhawks as he recovers from a concussion he suffered against Texas on Saturday (see the above video). Looking at the play in question, it’s hard to see when Griffin gets hit hard enough to cause the injury, but it’s real enough to keep him out for three-and-a-half halves of basketball. Of course, I’m not the one absorbing blows to the face from 300-hundred pound 7-footers either, so it’s obviously much easier for me to talk.

Griffin’s absence puts a lot more pressure on an Oklahoma team fighting for the top record in the Big 12 conference — Kansas is tied with the Sooners at 11-1 in conference play — and a number 1 seed in the upcoming NCAA Tournament.

It’s a Stephen Curry World…

Stephen Curry

And we are all simply living in it. Including his parents his hot mom. Curry led Davidson to a win over West Virginia last night, but it certainly wasn’t easy. Curry started the game cold, so cold in fact, he might as well have been playing outside. To give you an indication, he missed 12 of his first 13 3-point attempts.

Of course, the motto of any shooter is “the next one is going in,” and even though Curry acknowledged his cold-shooting frustration, when it came to winning time, he was the biggest player on the floor. He also rediscovered his majestic shooting stroke and scored 13 of the final 15 points for Davidson to lift them over West Virginia.

The Sporting News’ Dan Shanoff witnessed Curry’s heroics, which he kindly documented:

More on Curry’s heroics after the jump >>

Blake Griffin Had A Busy Night

Blake Griffin, the heir to the throne of Hansbrough, is off to an incredible start this season. Currently, he’s averaging 25.6 points and an incredible 17.3 rebounds a game. Clearly, if he keeps this pace up, he’ll be an absolute shoe-in for the Player of Year award when this season comes to a close. The way things are looking, he’ll also be one of the top two picks taken in next year’s NBA Draft, provided he decides to come out.

Although, I think I’d take Griffin over Ricky Rubio, but apparently, that’s just me. Anyway, Griffin had another huge night last night that featured an awesome alley-oop dunk and an alley-oop shot to his groin from USC’s Leonard Washington.

Look! Video! It’s there. I promise.

For his efforts, Washington got ejected and Griffin went on to score 11 of his 25 points after being reminded he was indeed a male. Besides the impromptu hernia checks from opposing players, the Sooners did fairly well for themselves by holding off USC, 73-72.