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Posts Tagged ‘Pimp’

Tom Hodges is a Bigger Pimp Than You

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Tom Hodges

That, friends, is Tom Hodges, head coach of the Morehead State women’s basketball team, and judging by his incredible argyle suit, Hodges is an absolute pimp. I’m talking to the nth degree, here. The suit is so incredible, I’m almost at a loss for words. Perhaps they should’ve sent a poet to describe the Hodges suit phenomenon, because I’m not sure I’m capable of doing such an amazing suit the justice it deserves.

Whatever the correct words are, Hodges owes a little bit of his swagger to John Daly’s Loudmouth Golf clothing company:

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Get Off Tom Watson’s Lawn

Tom Watson

Tom Watson and his incredible sweater are leading the British Open at five-under par. In other news, Tom Watson is a bigger pimp than you or I could possibly imagine. And yes, that sweater just oozes excellence, domination and awesome-ness. Oh, and for those of you who don’t think he can be a pimp with sweater like that, think again.

The eloquent BBC has more on Watson’s turn-back-the-clock performance (so far):

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Ladies Love Bruce Pearl

Bruce Pearl
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Obviously, being a single guy who happens to be the head coach of a hot basketball team has its advantages. Just ask Bruce Pearl — also apparently known as LL Bruce P — and these images found over at Vol Talk.

It’s not the first time Pearl has appeared with members of the fairer sex, although his latest honey is a little beyond the co-ed range. For what it’s worth, Pearl’s “catch” has a big rock on her left ring finger, meaning these pictures are probably as innocent as the HTML they appear in — although, it would remiss of me not to celebrate the hotness that is Bruce Pearl, even if it is misguided.

You know, just in case this is one of those “Bruce Pearl = Pimp of the Year” situations.

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