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Posts Tagged ‘Photoshop’

Nike’s Concept or Really Good Photoshop?

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Giants Concept Uniform

Portions of the Internet are buzzing about some images of Nike’s concept for NFL uniforms, which the company get the rights to produce in 2012. Thanks to a post in The Baltimore Sun’s forum, there’s been a lot of reaction, and the question is, are folks reacting to Nike’s work or the work of some enterprising Photoshoppers.

If other forums are to be believed, again, this is the Internet we’re talking about, these “concept car” uniforms are Photoshop reproductions, variants of existing designs, and this post over at a forum is supposedly ground zero, courtesy of poster “El ramster.”

My friends made these! just a concept more to come later

Other sites are in on the act,too.

Considering the NFL’s draconian approach to the uniforms and the associated rules, it’s hard to see Nike getting so much leeway to completely alter the look of so many teams. That being said, some of the concepts, which are based on Nike’s Pro Combat series, are pretty cool. Some, on the other hand are not. Here are a couple of hits and a couple of misses, too:

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Vanity Fair Sucks at Photoshop (Tiger Woods)

Bad Tiger Photoshop

Question: Should a prominent publication resort to such petty tactics as horrible use of Photoshop to emphasize a story? One would think something like Vanity Fair would allow their written work to speak for them, but apparently, including a poorly Photoshopped picture of Tiger Woods enjoying “Thug Life,” all in an effort to solidify their portrayal of Woods as a sex addict (Um, I don’t think you need any help with that. Just sayin’.) is considered a wise and just decision.

And by wise and just, I mean “stupid.”

If they wanted to use images to hammer their point about Woods’ extracurricular activities, they could’ve simply shown some of his family photos. You know, something like this:

Woods Family

That, to me, is more damning than any Photoshopping done by Annie Leibovitz.