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Posts Tagged ‘Philadelphia Eagles’

Should Michael Vick’s Old High School Honor Him?

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Seems like Michael Vick sparks controversy even when he isn’t doing anything wrong. The latest snit involving Vick centers around his jersey in Warwick High School. The school had proudly displayed Vick’s jersey right up until the dog fighting incident and conviction. The school decided then (2007) to take it down. No use highlighting a football star when he falls from grace, right?

I remember at the time of his conviction, people said he was done. No team would hire him and he’d never be back in the NFL. Of course, those people were wrong. Now, of course, Vick is back, and stronger than ever. He actually seems to have more respect from fans, coaches, and players than he did before, and how wowed people were with his talent before, that’s saying something.

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Another NFL Suicide: Dave Duerson Begs for Brain Testing

With the recent efforts by the National Football League to crack down on head-hunting and brutal hits on defenseless players – sad is the news of Dave Duerson’s suicide.  Duerson was found dead in his home located in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida.  Dave Duerson apparently shot himself in the chest.

In a strange and sobering twist, he chose to send a text message to his family prior to taking his own life.  In it, he informed his family that he wanted his brain used for research at the Boston University School of Medicine. I presume that he was all-too-aware of the impact his professional playing career may have had on the depth of his feelings of despair before leaving this world.  Left behind are his three sons and daughter born of his marriage to ex-wife, Alicia Duerson.

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Tucker Carlson: Michael Vick Should Die

On the heels of President Obama’s strangely timed praise of Philadelphia Eagles management and owner Jeffery Lurie and the rehabilitation of Michael Vick, comes this nugget of nuttiness we’ve all come to expect from some Fox News commentators.

Last week, political blowhard Tucker Carlson was filling in for Fox News host, Sean Hannity. Never one to miss an opportunity to turn a seemingly harmless issue into a politically-rooted bashfest, Tucker Carlson decided to weigh in on the matter. This is less about his feelings on the crimes that Michael Vick committed and more about not missing an opportunity to take a pot-shot at the President of the United States. It wasn’t enough for Tucker Carlson to simply state that he doesn’t like Michael Vick and abhors the heinous activities in which he was engaged so many years ago. That’s not “edgy” enough and certainly wouldn’t garner him the narcissistic pleasure that comes with widespread publicity, the likes of which I’m giving him here. To quote Tucker Carlson:

“I’m a Christian, I’ve made mistakes myself, I believe fervently in second chances. But Michael Vick killed dogs, and he did in a heartless and cruel way. And I think, personally, he should’ve been executed for that. He wasn’t, but the idea that the President of the United States would be getting behind someone who murdered dogs? Kind of beyond the pale.”

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DeSean Jackson Absolutely Smoked LaRon Landry

DeSean Jackson

Memo to LaRon Landry: If you’re going to do a little pregame trash talking that leads to a friendly get-together between teams, you might not want to get your ass absolutely busted on the your very first defensive shift of the game. This little fact of life is only magnified when the player who abused you is the same one you started in on during the pregame fun.

This, of course, was only the beginning of the Michael Vick-powered touchdown avalanche that left the Washington Redskins broken and bruised, all while players from other teams took shots at Donovan McNabb’s new contract.

While the Redskins would go on to give up an additional 52 points, but that’s no way to set a tone, right LaRon? Especially when you talked miles and miles of cash-money trash before the game. I guess you could call Jackson’s touchdown a little bit of karma that knocked Landry on his ass.

Owen Schmitt Is the Destroyer

Owen Schmitt

When he’s not busy smashing his forehead into a bloody mess, Philadelphia Eagles fullback Owen Schmitt clears paths for LeSean McCoy. Just ask Shawntae Spencer of the San Francisco 49ers, who was unfortunate enough to get in Schmitt’s path of destruction. While Spencer lived to fight another play — at least, I think he did — he clearly lost that particular battle, furthering the idea that Schmitt is a destroyer of foreheads, people, planets and whatever else gets in his way.

If this is the kind of blocking available to McCoy on a weekly basis, he’d do well to treat Schmitt to a $50,000 dinner. McCoy can ask Dez Bryant about the details of restaurant bill inflation if he needs any pointers.

I Am Mike Vick’s Complete Lack of Surprise

Vick Jersey

Now that’s he’s secured the starting spot for the Philadelphia Eagles, fans have responded in kind to make Mike Vick’s jersey one of the best-selling in the NFL. Color me surprised. According to Darren Rovell’s post, local Philly stores are stocking up to meet the demand, and after his performance thus far this season, Vick is apparently Philadelphia’s forgotten son. Yes, his play has improved — it’s pretty amazing what a team full of offensive weapons can do, as opposed to Alge Crumpler and a decent running game.

I am, however, getting a tad uncomfortable with the incredible amounts of cannoning going on with Vick, who’s being treated like royalty — if not the second coming — by the folks at ESPN and other outlets. If I have to hear anymore about tales of redemption, I might scream.

Yes, folks deserve a second chance, but we shouldn’t forget what it was that made the second chance necessary to begin with.

Do we champion non-athletic-stud convicted fighting dog breeders who turn over new leafs? Do we even know of any to champion? I highly doubt it, and that’s why all of this rings a little hollow to me. The only reason folks like Jemele Hill are being so forgiving is because Vick’s ability to dazzle on the field, not because they believe he deserves redemption. If Vick’s considerable skill had decreased noticeably, so much so he couldn’t land an NFL job, instead of improving like they have, he’d but just another dog killer no one cares about.

Hell, even Arthur Blank got in on the “Yay, Mike Vick” fun. Apparently, finding Matt Ryan to save your franchise forgives a lot of previous ills Vick was responsible for.

As it stands, we now have to listen to Michael Wilbon on PTI screaming about Vick being the MVP of the league. I guess as long as his athletic ability continues to astound, people will simply overlook the choices he made before his tale of “redemption” began.

Clearly, the only thing O.J. Simpson lacked after his infamous “not guilty” verdict was a sweet NFL comeback. There’s no telling what his Q-rating would be if Simpson would’ve came back and rushed for 2000 yards. Maybe even higher than Vick’s.

No McNabb Jerseys At Eagles Practice!!!

Donovan McNabb Jersey

Show up at a Philadelphia Eagles training camp session with a Donovan McNabb/Washington Redskins jersey on? Andy Reid has words for you: Take it the hell off. Just ask Jim Devlin, a fan who clearly got the idea from watching Matt Bellamy, the attention whore who wore LeBron James’ Miami jersey to a Cleveland Indians game, and gave this gem as a response to the massive amounts of hate he justifiably received after his incident popped.

Devlin showed up at the Eagles facility with imitation on his mind; however, unlike Bellamy, Devlin caved when he was confronted and took his McNabb jersey off.

In other news, who knew Andy Reid was so sensitive, he’d simply ignore the freedom of speech tenets? Is two weeks of nothing but Kevin Kolb making Reid wish for days past, and seeing someone in a Redskins/McNabb jersey is a reminder that’s just too much for him to take?

DeSean Jackson Is A Beast

DeSean Jackson

Who is 5-10, 175 pounds and dominates NFL secondaries like they were made out of paper? Judging by the stature listed, truthfully, there’s nobody who should fit that bill, especially in a sport like NFL football. Just don’t tell DeSean Jackson that. Not only is Jackson a bitch for opposing secondaries to cover, he’s also challenging NFL records along the way. With his two eye-popping touchdowns against the New York Giants, the Philadelphia receiver tied the record for most touchdowns over a 50-yard distance with eight.

Again, may I remind you that Jackson is under 6 feet tall and weighs under 200 pounds?

More on Philly’s receiving freak after the jump >>