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Posts Tagged ‘Phil Jackson’

Christina Aguilera Will Repeat National Anthem

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Christina Aguilera

Evidently, the Los Angeles Lakers believe in things like luck and superstition. What else would explain them inviting Christina Aguilera back to re-perform the National Anthem for Game 7? Granted, her Game 6 performance was awesome but still. It’s obvious the Lakers like the vibe her singing provided — or maybe she’s to blame for the Celtics playing like such garbage. Either way, the Lakers are trying to re-capture whatever bottled lightening Aguilera’s Anthem provided.

Aguilera’s National Anthem after the jump >>

Kareem Answers Some Questions

Kareem Abdul Jabbar

I’m happy to announce a little partnership between ourselves and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. We’ll be cross-blogging with perhaps the best center ever to play in the NBA and he’ll be answering two questions a month for us. I’m awfully excited about our agreement because it’s not often a middling blogger like myself gets to enjoy direct communication with such an all-time great in the world of sports. With that in mind, I’ll move to this month’s questions, which were asked with the NBA Finals in mind — well, Dwight Howard, anyway.

This month’s Q and A with Kareem after the jump >>

Are The Lakers Likeable? (NBA Finals)

Kobe Bryant

Are the Lakers too aloof to be loved as champions or did Kobe’s surly attitude before last night’s series-clinching win turn folks off? Now that Kobe’s in smile mode, will he be remembered for his looks of relief and joy or more for the jaw-jutting gritty face/perpetual scowl he was wearing before the Finals ended? While the focal point of this post so far has been Bryant, reading T.J Simers’ column, the attitudes that stop him from loving the Lakers aren’t restricted to just newly-minted Finals MVP.

More on the Lakers’ “like” quotient after the jump >>

It’s About Damn Time (NBA Finals)

NBA Finals 2009

Yeah, I know we’ve only been waiting since last Saturday for the NBA Finals to begin, but I’m simply tired of waiting. Thank god that wait comes to an end tonight. You know the match ups, you know the players, you know the storylines — the question is, who wins? Superman or Mamba? Phil or Ron Jeremy’s twin? For those that love foreign basketball players, is it Gasol or Pietrus? What else can we look forward to? Defensive match ups for one. Can Bynum and Gasol contain Howard? Some say yes, I think not and Phil isn’t too high on the idea either.

More Finals business after the jump >>

Is Age Catching Up To Phil Jackson?

Here’s a picture of Phil Jackson taken during the NBA Finals on June 15, a scant four months and 13 days ago.

Phil Jackson

He looks very distinguished with the beard, almost professor like. Maybe even a doctor. But here is photo of Jackson taken yesterday after practice in El Segundo (did he leave his wallet there?):

Phil Jackson

Here, Jackson looks, well, old. Did losing to the Celtics age him that much, or did his subscription to the elixir of life run out? Maybe he’s just not in mid-season form yet.

To be fair, here’s one from October 12 taken during a Lakers’ preseason game:

Phil Jackson

Is that an older Brian Billick or is that the coach of the LA Lakers? Evidently, Jackson would do well to bring back the beard.