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Posts Tagged ‘PGA Tour’

Tiger Confirms Masters Return, Twitter Erupts

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Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods confirmed he will be returning the PGA Tour on his website with an announcement saying he would be playing at Augusta when The Masters begins. As he normally does, Woods controlled the message and its delivery by distributing it on Step 2 of said dissemination is merely waiting patiently while word-of-mouth does the work for you.

Granted, with all things Tiger, it’s doubtful the patient wait took much longer than it did for Woods to hit the “enter” key, confirming he did indeed want to publish his post. Here’s part of Woods’ announcement, which was undoubtedly read around the sports world this morning:

Tiger’s statement and Twitter reactions after the jump >>

Tiger Woods Loves the Dramatic Finish

I think it’s safe to say Tiger Woods is officially back after winning the Arnold Palmer Invitational, thanks to his 15-foot birdie putt on the 18 hole. Was there really any doubt he was going to sink that putt? Just think how much more anticipation Woods’ win creates for the upcoming Masters.

Tiger’s Feeling Just Fine

Tiger Woods

While he may not have shot his best golf, there’s no denying Tiger Woods is officially back, and he’s already in control of the PGA Tour, at least from a popularity standpoint. Of course, that’s not why Woods plays the sport — I’m thinking he really likes to win, but maybe that’s just me — but the fact remains, there isn’t a more popular star in the sports world right now. Who else would generate this kind of press for a opening round 3 and 2 win in a non-PGA Major event? Certainly not Phil Mickelson or Anthony Kim or Sergio Garcia (the list continues).

Any worries about his reconstructed knee ligament were answered when Woods was delayed on one of the back nine holes. He thought his knee might stiffen up during the wait. It did not. Woods also indicated he felt no pain in legs, although he did acknowledge ACL recovery is an everyday process.

Tiger’s press conference after the jump >>

There’s A Tiger Storm Brewing

Tiger Woods

Tomorrow, the most recognizable athlete in the world resumes his sport of choice and to say there’s an air of anticipation surrounding Eldrick “Tiger” Woods would be akin to saying the sun is bright — while true, it doesn’t quite capture all that’s going on with our solar system’s power supply. Take, for example, today’s practice round. According to the WWL, there were over 100 credentialed reporters there and by the time Tiger got to the 9th hole, a 500-plus strong gallery had formed behind him. Oh, and the grandstand was full as well. Using my rudimentary math skills, that’s something close to 1000 people who gathered to watch someone practice golf.

We’re talking about practice. Not a game, not a game, but practice.

Speaking of, how did Woods look in his first public golfing appearance since the US Open? According to those who saw him, Tiger is indeed back and he might just be better than when he left — a thought I’m sure the rest of the PGA has heard by now.

The Return of the Tiger after the jump >>

He’s Baaaaaaaack!!! (Tiger Woods)

Tiger Woods

Fans of golf cheered and opposing golfers no doubt felt a little tingle down their spine as the word about Tiger Woods’ return to the PGA Tour spread. Woods communicated his intentions to the rest of the world the way he normally does — through his website. His first match will be at the Accenture Match Play Championship in Marana, Arizona.

It’s Tiger’s first appearance on in a PGA event since his stunning victory at last year’s US Open. This also means we’ll get to find out if the “better than ever” rumors are true, but I’m pretty much expecting a Tiger victory either way. Can it really happen any other way with Woods? In case you forgot — yeah, right — here’s a reminder of what he did the last time he was on a golf course, playing for a trophy:

Video after the jump >>

Imagine If He Dedicated Himself…

To golf:

We’ve written five posts about El Tigre since Intentional Foul launched and it’s already apparent simple adjectives do no justice. Neither does nifty little sayings like “That Tiger’s pretty good” and such. What this man is doing to the PGA is without peer. On any sporting stage. Not Michael’s twice three-in-a-row, not Federer’s domination of tennis.

We’re fond of saying Tiger is a Terminator around here but what he did on the 18th at Bay Hill yesterday surpassed that thinking. So much so that there’s actually a growing belief this man CAN go undefeated during the 2008 PGA Tour; an idea that makes winning the lottery seem like good odds — that is until Eldrick grabs his clubs.

Tiger is so unbelievable, it may be time to rethink the “Clapton is God” logo.

H/T to on205th for the video find.

Let Tiger Carry Your Golf Bag

Tiger WoodsBuick has decided to offer the services of their most identifiable spokesperson to the winner of a little competition they’ve concocted called “Tee-Off with Tiger.” The object of the competition is to guess Tiger’s cumulative score for each of the PGA events he enters this golf season.

The person with the total closest to Tiger’s final round scorecard will win the Buick Woods used for that particular tournament. Not only that, but the top ten scorecards of each event will be entered into a drawing poll where a grand prize winner will be drawn from.

The grand prize is a free trip to La Jolla, California (site of the 2008 Buick Invitational) for a round of golf; with Tiger Woods serving as your personal caddy.

Tiger will be on-hand with the winner for nine holes, giving club and course advice when needed.

Needless to say, taking advantage of this little competition is probably the closest most of us will get to actually playing a round with Tiger. If being on the same golf course at the same time as Tiger Woods (and not limited to a spectator gallery) is one of your motivators, Buick has obviously been thinking of you. The official site has much, much more about the Teeing-Off with Tiger competition.

Hat-tip to The Auto Blog for pointing this out.

Intentional Upset: Tiger’s Pretty Damn Good

Tiger Wins Again

You know, if he applies himself, this Eldrick fella might have a future in golf…

Proving that controversy surrounding some unfortunate vocabulary choices is meaningless to him, Tiger Woods went to work on the Buick Invitational in such a surgical manner, he rendered Sunday’s round almost unnecessary. Woods dominated so thoroughly, some are thinking the PGA Grand Slam (Masters, US Open, British Open, PGA Championship) is well within his reach.

Woods’ dominating Buick Invitational victory was his fifth tour win in six tries and his 62nd overall… his lone non-win in the last six? A second-place finish. Like I said, he might have a future in this sport. Oh yeah, it was his fourth straight Buick Invitational victory.

I suppose the only thing upsetting about Woods’ performance would be from his opponent’s perspective. You just have to know they are all sitting there wondering, “Is he ever going to cool off?” No, it really doesn’t look it anytime soon… A closer look at Tiger’s eight-stroke victory:

* In 72 holes , he was 19 strokes under par (this could’ve been 20-plus if not for three uncharacteristic bogeys on the back nine).

* Speaking of bogeys, he only had five all weekend.

* Second place was 11 under, a whopping eight strokes back.

* Woods’ 62 PGA victory, equaling Arnold Palmer for fourth all-time.

* The victory earned Tiger a cool $936,000.

And just think, this is how he started his professional golf season. Will his assault on golf’s overall leadeboard continue? What’s even scarier is Woods thinks he’s only going to get better:

“I’m still getting better,” he said. “I still have holes in my game that I need to fix and need to improve on. I just think that what I’ve been working on, I’m headed in the right direction.”