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15 Famous Golf Courses From Around The World

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Pine Valley Golf Course

With Father’s Day quickly approaching we thought it was time to take a look at some of the best golf courses in the world. Here are 15 of the best golf courses from the U.S. and abroad…

1. The Pine Valley Golf Club, New Jersey

The Pine Valley Golf Club is considered by many to be the best in the world. It’s located in Southern New Jersey, and was founded by a ground of amateur golfers from Philadelphia in 1913. It’s a challenging course to play, but is well worth it, if you can get into it. It’s a private club, and nonmembers can only play if invited and accompanied by another club member.

Why pristine golf courses after the jump >>

Tiger’s Knee Repaired

Tiger Woods Knee

The most famous ACL on the planet was surgically repaired yesterday and the procedure was considered a success. The ACL reconstruction (welcome to the club, Tiger) was Woods’ second knee surgery this year. His first cleaned up some cartilage issues he was having, although, these may have been caused while performing on an injured ACL.

Woods indicated he injured his knee while jogging after last year’s British Open. This means Tiger has been playing with a torn ACL since last summer. The doctors who performed the procedure don’t foresee any lingering effects for Tiger and feel the surgery shouldn’t impact his ideas for longevity:

“We were confident going into this surgery, and I am pleased with the results,” Dr. Thomas D. Rosenberg said in a statement released by IMG, Woods’ management company.

“There were no surprises during the procedure, and as we have said, with the proper rehabilitation and training, it is highly unlikely that Mr. Woods will have any long-term effects as it relates to his career.”

There’s been no word on when El Tigre’ will begin his rehabilitation, either at his site or in the various news reports. Unfortunately for Tiger fans, the PGA and sports fans in general, the surgery will keep Tiger off the PGA Tour for the remainder of the year. There was an opportunity to continue your Tiger enjoyment but sadly, that time has passed: Yesterday, you had a chance to buy Tiger’s apple core.

Unfortunately, the auction has ended.

Maybe some aspiring Oliver Wendell Holmes type will try and clone him if his DNA is still intact.

Update: Could it be the apple auction was fake? Surely you jest.

Tiger’s Torn ACL Is Better Than Your Healthy One


If this is what you call faking, I can’t imagine how the same peanut gallery would describe Shaun Livingston’s knee mishap. Only a “minor injury,” perhaps? As most you already know, Tiger is shutting it down this particular PGA season in order to get the ACL in his left knee reconstructed.

When the reports first broke, there was some confusion as to whether or not Tiger would be at his next two scheduled appearances. In fact, they seemed to indicate Tiger would be fulfilling his obligations at those events. Fortunately, this has been cleared up.

Tiger is out for the year and probably won’t be swinging the clubs until 2009, a fact that has to have the PGA incredibly nauseous right now. It’s not easy seeing the deity of your sport shutting it down earlier than expected. However, can you imagine the marketing blitz they’ll have when Tiger returns next year? I’d say it will rival the Super Bowl’s.

Besides reconstructing one of Tiger’s left knee ligaments, the time off will allow Woods to heal a double stress fracture suffered a couple of weeks before his magnificent US Open win. Speaking of Torrey Pines, the news about Tiger’s left leg only magnifies just how incredible his performance really was. I mean, how many US Opens have you won with a good knee (and a non-stress fractured leg)?

If you are like most of us, that answer would be zero.

Here’s another question — how many 300-plus yard drives have you hit on two good legs? Again, if you are like most of us… well, you know the answer. But wait, there’s even more. ESPN compiled a list of Tiger’s accomplishments since his ACL was injured. It’s most impressive:

WGC-Bridgestone Invitational – Won
PGA Championship – Won
Deutsche Bank Championship – 2nd
BMW Championship – Won
Tour Championship – Won
Target World Challenge – Won
Buick Invitational – Won
Dubai Desert Classic – Won
WGC-Accenture Match – Won
Arnold Palmer Invitational – Won
WGC-CA Championship – 5th
Masters – 2nd
U.S. Open – Won

For those of you counting at home, that’s ten wins, two second place finishes and just to prove he’s (kinda) human, one fifth place finish. Talk about slacking.

Ten tour wins.

One good leg.

Is that even fair?

Is that something that’s even POSSIBLE — provided your name isn’t Tiger Woods?

Speaking as a fellow ACL reconstructee, I was happy when I could strike a soccer ball with some pace. I couldn’t imagine competing — let alone winning — ten PGA-style golf tournaments without it being whole.

I guess that’s why my name isn’t Tiger Woods and his is.

Tiger To Have Season-Ending Surgery?

Tiger Woods

There’s a report over at ESPN indicating Tiger Woods may have played his last round of golf for the 2008 season. After his historic, dramatic win at Torrey Pines, Woods has apparently decided his left knee needs even more work done it, a decision that will shut him down for the rest of the PGA’s 2008 season.

If so, they can say goodbye to all those fat TV ratings.

However, we may actually see Tiger again before he goes under the knife. From the article:

Woods had committed to playing in the Buick Invitational next week. He hosts the AT&T National the week after at Congressional Country Club in Washington, D.C. The report said he would fulfill his obligations to sponsors at those events.

If that is the case, it means — from a selfish perspective — we get to see Tiger a few more times before he shuts it down. More as this develops.

US Open: Tiger Wins

Tiger Woods Wins

Like I said below, what else can you say that hasn’t been said about Tiger Woods. Again, he relied on some 18th-hole magic to get the tournament to a sudden-death scenario. Woods then defeated Rocco Mediate on the first hole of said playoff. Over the coming days, much will be written about Tiger’s performance, his knee and his continued assault on Jack Nicklaus’ all-time Majors record, and rightfully so.

What I’ll remember, along with the fist pumps and Saturday’s ending is Tiger’s perseverance after his knee continued to buckle on him during the weekend. Remember, he’s out there hitting 300-plus bombs on a bad knee, folks… One that recently went under the knife. Astounding.

For Woods, who just called this victory the greatest championship he’s ever had, it’s Major number 14 and his third US Open.

Does anyone want to speculate on where he’ll finish up on the all-time Majors list? I say 23. We’ll be back with much more about Tiger’s victory tomorrow.

Tiger Asks God For Help

It’s all US Open, all the time here and when the coverage switched from ESPN to NBC, we were greeted with Tiger teeing off on the 10th hole. Unfortunately for Tiger, his drive went into the rough and like he normally does when he hits a bad shot, he voiced his displeasure by asking God to damn something and the camera’s caught it.

Don’t worry though, NBC’s announcers were on the scene to clear the air for any viewers who might have disagreed with Tiger’s choice of anger projection. Look, there’s video of it, even:

Being a military brat myself, I have to chuckle. I’m well aware of the vocabulary some dependents acquire.

US Open: It’s Playoff Time

Tiger and Rocco

As we all know, today’s little round of 18 at Torrey Pines is for all the US Open marbles. After Tiger’s brilliant putt to extend the Open to “overtime,” most probably think momentum is on Tiger’s side. However, if he starts today like he has the last four days — namely with a bogey or double-bogey on the first hole — how can you not like Mediate’s chances?

We’ll be here all day covering it live.

11:30 – Ah, live TV. Well, I’m here and both Rocco and Tiger are finishing up the second hole. Tiger is at even par and Rocco is one stroke over.

11:40 – And on the third hole, the pair swapped their positions. Tiger bogied three while Mediate birdied.

Woods – +1
Mediate – Even

11:42 – Mediate’s drive on four winds up in the left rough — as does Tiger’s. Torrey Pines continues to be unforgiving.

11:50 – However, after a horrid second shot, it appears Tiger’s in a position to save par. As for Mediate, he hit the green in two and is actually putting for birdie but it’s a long one…

Pars all around.

Woods – +1
Mediate – Even

12:00 – Mediate is beefing the fifth hole. Badly. He was shooting from a sand trap and his ball bounced off the cart-path and wound up on the third hole. Is this Tiger’s opening?

12:02 – In other news, that new Tiger/Nike commercial is a tad much — granted it’s the voice of Earl Woods, but still. In other, OTHER, news, the reports of Rocco’s demise were premature. He’s in a position to save par after those horrid first two shots.

Check out Tiger’s new Nike commercial after the jump >>

US Open: All Tiger, All The Time

Go Tiger

When it comes to Eldrick “Tiger” Woods, there’s not much more that can be said, really. It seems like every positive adjective and all the comparative metaphors have been used up. There’s just not much else that I can say when it comes to Tiger Woods. Words like “great” and “excelsior” are commonplace.

Hell, some of us already believe he’s half man, half machine.

However, that doesn’t mean Woods didn’t continue with his astounding ways at the US Open this past weekend. He did. And then some. First off all, there was Saturday’s glorious end to his round. During the last three holes, Tiger bounced a birdie in from the rough (his reaction was golden), saved a long par and the Eagled the 18th hole — all-in-all, a typically normal way to end a golf round. Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention his run-of-the-mill Eagle at 13.

Quick, to the video:

And then we have Sunday evening. After giving his -3 back to Torrey Pines after another tough start to his round, Tiger fluctuated between -1 and even par; his score as he approached the 18th green. The leader in the clubhouse — Rocco Mediate — was sitting at -1 waiting to claim the US Open title as his. For Tiger, after hitting suspect first and second shots on 18th, Woods clubbed his third shot which came to rest 15 feet from the cup with this simple mantra hanging over it:

If you make the putt, you return Monday for an 18-hole playoff. Miss it and you’ve just secured your second second-place finish in a PGA Major this year. How did it turn out, in case you had to ask? Well, thanks to In The Weeds, we have the video to show you how it went down:

The playoff round starts today at 12 Eastern. Who ya got? Tiger or Rocco?